Recent Statistics Of The MOE For Academic Year Indicate The Rate Of Illiteracy In Kuwait Dropped By 0.17 Percent
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Recent statistics of the Ministry of Education for academic year 2015/2016 indicate the rate of illiteracy in Kuwait dropped by 0.17 percent, reports Al-Qabas daily. It revealed the number of illiterates is currently 132,646, constituting 70,132 male and 62,514 female.

It noted 18 percent of Kuwaitis (24,347) in the country could not read or write, including 22,497 women and 2,450 men. It added about 107,699 expatriates from various nationalities represented by 67,682 male and 40,017 female are included in the illiterate group, which in 2015/2016 academic year covered 3.67 of the entire population from age 10 upward. Kuwaitis in the category were 2.55 percent.

Ministry of Education Undersecretary Dr Haithma Al-Athari has confirmed the plan to look into violations of examination regulations in the documents of intermediate and high schools for academic year 2016/2017, reports Al-Rai daily quoting sources. Sources explained this move aims to improve examination regulations in the two academic levels in a bid to confront electronic cheating during examinations, especially in high schools.

Sources said the ministry is currently sorting out cheating reports from the schools’ discretionary authority to ensure such reports are supported with witnesses and evidence, after so many complaints and grievances submitted by students and their guardians. Sources added a mechanism will be implemented in all schools to deal with cheating cases before the final examinations for this year.

Children should be cared for through innovative ideas and activities that would contribute to their cultural and intellectual upgrade in society, said Kuwaiti Writers’ League Association member Sunday. “I read ‘Miss Ladybug’s Dream’ to children and their parents,” said Heba Mandani, representative of the Association to Sfax Children’s Book Fair.

Mandani also gave out Kuwaiti flags for visitors of the Fair in celebration of Kuwait’s national days; Feb 25-26. The Fair’s 24th edition kicked off last Friday with 13 countries participating: Palestine, Morocco, Qatar, Jordan, Yemen, Iraq, Senegal and France in addition to Kuwait and host country Tunisia. To that, a Kuwaiti musical troupe, led by maestro Ahmad Al-Hamdan, held a concert as part of ‘Kuwaiti Days’ in Sfax; the capital of Arabic culture.

During the concert, singer Hamad Al-Qattan performed a number of well-received Kuwaiti and Tunisian songs despite of cold weather and light showers that overshadowed the open-door theatre. The ‘Kuwaiti Days’ will last until Feb 28 through art galleries, plays, lectures and seminars all performing under the umbrella of the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters



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