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Corona Survival Rate In Kuwait 99.98% Professor Adel Al-Hanian, Professor of Urology and Reproductive Surgery, Acting Deputy Director of Kuwait University for Medical Sciences, put the non-death rate for (COVID-19) in Kuwait over the cour... January 01, 2021 646 Category: Coronavirus
CBK Reduces Interests’ Rate Structure The Central Bank of Kuwait has reduced the interests’ rate structure for liquidity management tools, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting informed sources from the banking sector. They affirmed tha... February 11, 2020 236 Category: Business
Registration Rate Of Pilgrims For Hajj Hits 70% While the pilgrimage caravans approved in the country opened for those wishing to register for the performance of the rituals this year, the Ministry of Awqaf began early preparations in coordination ... May 07, 2019 277 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Records Lowest Rate Of Savings In The Gulf Region A study by McKinsey & Company shows Kuwait recorded the lowest rate of savings in the Gulf region, reports, Al-Rai daily. The results of the study found that the percentage of households in Kuw... January 09, 2019 627 Category: Kuwait
MP Questions Rise In Rate Of Cancer In Kuwait Kuwaiti medical journals and reports from medical specialists have confirmed that the cancer rate in the country increased remarkably in the past three decades, indicating thyroid and colon cancers ar... January 03, 2019 264 Category: Kuwait
CBK Keeps Discount Rate Unchanged At 3 Percent The Board of Directors of Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) decided Wednesday to maintain the discount rate unchanged at 3.0 percent. The decision aims to strengthen the current positive economic outlook a... December 21, 2018 459 Category: Business
Crime Rate,violence High During First Half Of 2018 Records show the phenomenon of violence in the Kuwaiti society has been on the rise during the first half of 2018 for which the state has yet to find a solution, reports Al-Rai daily. Giving the de... November 26, 2018 317 Category: Crime News
Crime Rate Falls – Lawmen Lauded The crime rate has declined remarkably in the last three months particularly crimes related to theft and quarrels, reports Al-Shahed daily. A security source said the reason is the distinguished role ... November 15, 2018 478 Category: Crime News
MP Safa Warns On High Rate Of Failure In Board Exams MP Safa’a Al-Hashim has warned Minister of Health Dr Bassel Al-Sabah about the violations of Kuwait Institute for Medical Specializations (KIMS) and the high rate of failure in “board exam... October 07, 2018 1184 Category: Kuwait
Increase In Fuel Price Not Linked To Rate Of Inflation High cost of fuel did not contribute to high inflation rate in Kuwait shortly after announcing the new prices of fuel in September 2016, reports Al-Nahar daily. According to official data, prices o... May 17, 2018 909 Category: Kuwait
MOE Disclosed That 350 Expat Teachers Submitted Their Resignation In The 2nd Semester Director of Human Resources Department in the Ministry of Education Saoud Al-Juwaiser disclosed that 350 expatriate teachers and legal accountants submitted their resignation in the second semester of... April 19, 2017 939 Category: Kuwait
Cyber Crimes Department Said The Rate Of Cybercrimes Is Still High In Spite Of The Electronic Crimes Law Director of the Cyber Crimes Department affiliated to the Criminal Investigations Department of the Ministry of Interior Colonel Yousef Al-Habib said the rate of cybercrimes is still high, in spite of... March 26, 2017 822 Category: Crime News
59 Pc Tax Rate Imposed On Foreign Oil Companies The tax rate imposed on foreign oil companies that operate in the divided zone between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia and are subjected to the laws of Kuwait is 59 percent quoting informed sources. They s... March 08, 2017 610 Category: Kuwait
Recent Statistics Of The MOE For Academic Year Indicate The Rate Of Illiteracy In Kuwait Dropped By 0.17 Percent Recent statistics of the Ministry of Education for academic year 2015/2016 indicate the rate of illiteracy in Kuwait dropped by 0.17 percent, reports Al-Qabas daily. It revealed the number of illitera... February 28, 2017 610 Category: Kuwait
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