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The Ministry Of Health Has Stopped Publishing Daily Covid Statistics Starting next week, the Ministry of Health will no longer publish daily updates on developments in the local health situation in Kuwait, including Covid-19 instances, on the Ministry's official so... March 12, 2022 284 Category: Coronavirus
IMF Severely Criticizes ‘Statistics’ And ‘Finance’ For Not Issuing Vital Data The International Monetary Fund (IMF), during a mission to Kuwait, has criticized several government institutions because data and statistics were not available to help understand the country’s ... November 21, 2021 240 Category: Kuwait
Statistics Show MoH Hires 61,353 Employees Work In MoH, Kuwaitis Top List With Indians In Second Place The latest statistics shows the Ministry of Health (MoH)employs 61,353 male and female employees including 28,279 Kuwaitis and 33,074 non-Kuwaitis — 9,762 doctors, 2,298 dentists (Kuwaitis 1,718... October 24, 2021 680 Category: Kuwait
30,000 Traffic Tickets Were Issued, And 9 Expats Deported - MoI Traffic security campaigns were carried out recently to prosecute reckless people and perpetrators of serious traffic violations that endanger the lives of road users, leading to the issuing of 30,954... February 09, 2021 426 Category: Information
MEW’s Statistics Open Door For Controversies The statistics issued by the Ministry of Electricity and Water has opened the door for controversy again regarding the ministry’s ability to fulfill future energy commitments, in light of the cu... October 02, 2020 568 Category: Information
1.5 Million Expats With High School Degrees A government statistic, referred to the National Assembly, revealed that the number of expatriate workers with high school diplomas and below reached about one and a half million without counting dome... August 30, 2020 1561 Category: Expats
845,000 Expats Working In Kuwait Are Illiterate - Statistics Of the 1.77 million expatriates, who work and live in Kuwait with valid residency visas, 51.5% are illiterate or have primary education certificates or below, according to official statistics. The ... May 22, 2020 3694 Category: Expats
3,810 Men, 2,262 Women And 2,000 Children Died - Statistics Statistics issued by the Funeral Affairs Department of the Kuwait Municipality show a total of 8,072 funeral services were carried out by the Municipality during 2019, including 4,720 Kuwaitis and 3,3... January 12, 2020 284 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Reached 29,645 Cancer Patients - Statistics Ministry of Health says the average number of cancer patients in Kuwait matches the rates specified in the reports of the International Agency for Research on Cancer in Leon City, France affiliated to... November 12, 2019 454 Category: Kuwait
CAPMAS In Egypt Revealed Statistics On Married Women The latest statistics from the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistic (CAPMAS) in Egypt revealed that nine Kuwaiti women got married to Egyptians last year, reports Al-Rai daily. Mean... July 31, 2019 339 Category: Kuwait
A Recent Statistics Showed ‘women’s Dominance’ Of Jobs At The KU A recent statistics showed ‘women’s dominance’ of jobs at the Kuwait University, with 62.3% of the total number of 5,239 employees at the university, reports Al-Qabas daily. The s... April 22, 2019 272 Category: Kuwait
Addiction Deaths Report Absent Minister of Health, Dr Bassel Al-Sabah said in the absence of statistics for deaths resulting from addiction due to nonregistration of deaths by the addiction treatment center and cases that are monit... April 14, 2019 217 Category: Kuwait
Celebrate The Diversity A funny statistics show the following real results, assuming that the population of the world is only 100 people: first, half of the population is female and the other half male. Twenty-five of them, ... April 02, 2019 363 Category: Opinion
Interior Ministry Released Statistics On The Number Of Licenses And Vehicles The Interior Ministry recently released statistics on the number of licenses and vehicles of expatriates compared to that of Kuwaitis, showing an image different from what the Parliament stated regard... March 11, 2019 388 Category: Kuwait
Total Workforce In Kuwait Has Increased By 66,000 Employees Of Both Genders By End Of 2018 - Statistics The total workforce in Kuwait has increased by 66,000 employees of both genders by the end of 2018 including 8,562 citizens and 11,394 new domestic workers as well as 47,000 expatriate workers in the ... February 20, 2019 357 Category: Kuwait
15,000 Kuwaitis Unemployed, Most Hold Middle Or Primary Certificates - Statistics The latest statistics show about 15,000 Kuwaitis are unemployed and the largest number of them between eight to nine thousand hold middle or primary certificates, reports Al-Anba daily. The daily adde... January 17, 2019 528 Category: Kuwait
Statistics Show KPC, Subsidiaries Employ 84pct Kuwaiti Chemical, Petroleum Engineers A recent statistic issued by the Office of the Minister of Oil, a copy of which has been obtained by the daily, shows the employment of national workforce in the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) and... January 13, 2019 314 Category: Kuwait
Writing Off Individual Loans Needs Presentation Of Relevant Statistics Talks on writing off individual loans necessitates presentation of relevant statistics to highlight the issue, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting sources. Sources cited procedures taken by the Central Ban... December 25, 2018 441 Category: Kuwait
Most Common Names In Kuwait Mohammad And Fatmah - PACI Statistics According to statistics issued by Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI), the names “Mohammad” and “Fatmah” are the most common male and female names respectively in Kuw... May 01, 2018 10089 Category: Kuwait
2.062 Million Married People In Kuwait- Statistics As per official statistics, the number of people classified as non-married and currently living in Kuwait is about 1.4 million, including 316,000 Kuwaitis from both sexes, says Khaleej Times. Repor... April 30, 2018 648 Category: Kuwait
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