Weather Updates Are On High Alert At The Public Works Ministry

11 February 2024 Weather in Kuwait

Minister of Public Works and Minister of State for Municipal Affairs, Dr. Noura Al-Mishaan, assumed responsibility on Saturday evening as she joined the operations room to monitor the latest weather updates and the ministry's readiness measures. Ahmed Saad Al-Saleh, the official spokesperson for the Ministry of Public Works, conveyed that the ministry, along with relevant authorities and emergency response teams, maintains a vigilant stance in monitoring the ongoing weather situation across the country. Al-Saleh stressed that teams have been strategically stationed at critical locations while conducting routine field inspections in residential areas to swiftly address any rainwater accumulation.

Al-Saleh provided guidance to motorists, urging them to exercise caution when traveling during adverse weather conditions, comply with directives issued by the Ministry of Interior, and rely on official sources for weather forecasts. He encouraged the public to stay informed through updates from the Meteorological Department of Civil Aviation. Concluding his statement, Al-Saleh offered a prayer for beneficial rainfall in the State of Kuwait.

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