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I came to Kuwait in 2012 on Article – 18 visa and since then I changed three companies until 2016. In 2016 I joined government directly and they transferred my visa 18 to Article 17. I started a new job with a private company in April 2019 and I transferred my residency from 17 to 18 in June 2019. Now my company says they don’t have any project and added that they can release me and that I should find another job and transfer my residence. I want to ask if I can transfer my residency to a new company as I have done only one and half months with my new company and if not then how much time I have to wait before transferring to a new company. Please advise.

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Answer: Under current rules governing transfer of residence permits, one is at liberty to ask for transfer at any point in time if one is a university graduate and joined the current company on local transfer. On the other hand if one is not a university graduate, you can only qualify for visa transfer after one year service to the current sponsor.

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