Vaccination abroad does not exempt travelers from PCR tests and quarantine
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Many countries are beginning to grant certificates to those vaccinated against coronavirus proving that they had received the vaccine, high-level government sources revealed to Al-Qabas daily that the vaccination certificate from abroad will not exempt those coming to the country, whether citizens or expatriates, from quarantine or the PCR certificate, Al Qabas reported.

The sources said that the approval of the vaccination certificate requires the standardization of an approved system among all countries of the world to avoid fraud and other matters, stressing that there is international hope for an international online passport for vaccination approved by all international bodies, and an online platform agreed upon from all countries to verify the certificate.

The unifying digital vaccination passport for all countries of the world needs a period of no less than a year, pointing out that Kuwait has completed all the procedures for the permissibility of a vaccination certificate, but it is waiting for the rest of the countries.

In addition, the sources indicated that whoever takes a local vaccination certificate approved by the country will not be exempt from quarantine and PCR tests both for his travel and return. The current period is not for the evaluation of the vaccine, and it will be next June.

Regarding the increase in the number of Coronavirus vaccine recipients, the sources expected that the numbers would double in the days till next February, and importing another vaccine depends on its approval by some international organizations, European and American medical groups at least.

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