The Average Expense For A COVID-19 Patient Amounts To 2,216 Dinars

23 December 2023 Coronavirus

In a groundbreaking initiative, the College of Public Health at Kuwait University’s Medical Sciences Center, with the support of the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences, has unveiled unprecedented insights into the economic ramifications of Coronavirus care. This pioneering research, the first of its kind, exposes that the average cost of managing patients afflicted with the virus is estimated at 2,216 dinars. Notably, caring for patients with non-severe infections incurs a comparatively lower cost of 1,544 dinars.

Conducted over two and a half years, the study delves into the financial intricacies of healthcare amid the pandemic. It highlights that acute care, with a cost of 4,626 dinars, is three times the expense incurred in non-acute cases within hospital settings.

Emphasizing the substantial impact of COVID-19 in Kuwait, the research underscores the nation’s vulnerability within the Gulf Cooperation Council. As of September 2021, officially recorded infections in Kuwait have surged to 658,520, with a regrettable loss of 2,563 lives. This data positions Kuwait among the most affected countries within the Gulf region.

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