Kuwaiti MoH Confirms No Detections Of "JN.1" Covid Variants

21 December 2023 Coronavirus

Kuwait's Ministry of Health confirmed that it has not yet detected the "JN.1" variant of the Coronavirus. However, the ministry continues to monitor the prevailing patterns of the Coronavirus and other viruses through genetic examination teams, reported Al-Qabas Daily.

As a result of reports from some countries regarding the emergence of this new mutant variant, we are taking action. The ministry stated that the emergence of such variants is expected and does not cause concern, as mutations are a natural occurrence in viruses. The ministry assured citizens it is closely monitoring the situation and is prepared to respond effectively if any new variants are detected.

Additionally, 42 preventive health centers across the country are providing an updated version of the Covid vaccine. Individuals, especially those in high-risk groups, such as those over 60 years old, should get vaccinated against all prevalent strains of the virus.

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