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100%Vaccination Rate For Those Registered On The Platform With The First Dose Informed sources revealed that the rate of vaccination of those registered on the platform with the first dose of approved vaccines for “Covid 19”, has reached 100%, explaining that the Mi... September 14, 2021 275 Category: Kuwait
MoH To Give Third Dose Of The Vaccine To People With Chronic Diseases The Ministry of Health started giving the third dose of the vaccine to people with chronic diseases and special disease cases, Arabic newspaper Al-Anba reported. According to the report, MoH is exp... September 13, 2021 732 Category: Kuwait
‘People Should Not Be Forced To Get Jabs For Travel Abroad’ MP Shuaib Al- Muwaizri changed the date of the special legislative session he proposed from Sept 15 to Sept 22 in order to give his colleagues, who are currently abroad, a chance to sign the proposal ... September 12, 2021 468 Category: Kuwait
The Minister Of Health: The Vaccination Rate Will Reach 100% Soon The Minister of Health, Sheikh Dr. Basil Al-Sabah said that the rate of vaccination against Covid-19 in Kuwait exceeded 70 percent… and we will reach 100 percent soon, explaining that vaccinati... September 11, 2021 428 Category: Kuwait
Jaber Bridge Vaccination Center Wednesday Receives 5,000 People For Vaccination The vaccination center at Sheikh Jaber bridge, on Wednesday, received more than 5,000 visitors to receive the Covid-19 vaccination. The Ministry of Health continues its efforts through the vaccinat... September 09, 2021 271 Category: Kuwait
WHO Official Lauds Kuwait’s Effort In Vaccinating Its Population World Health Organisation Representative in Kuwait Dr. Assad Hafeez on Wednesday lauded Kuwait’s efforts in countering the spread of coronavirus and commended the process of speeding up vaccinat... September 08, 2021 215 Category: Kuwait
Children Below 18 Years Can Enter Kuwait Without Vaccination Kuwait allow residents under 18 years of age who have not been vaccinated to return to the country, provided they pledge to take the vaccine after arriving. The returnees need to sign an undertakings ... September 07, 2021 265 Category: Kuwait
MoH Launches COVID-19 Vaccination In Northern Abdali The Health Ministry announced on Monday that it launched a coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination center in the northern Abdali area with the capacity to immunize 2,000 individuals per day. In a press ... September 06, 2021 123 Category: Coronavirus
70% Of Those Targeted For Vaccination Received Two Doses A member of the vaccination committee at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Khaled Al-Saeed said that the policy of vaccination and dealing with the last wave was the result of the efforts of the health syst... September 06, 2021 315 Category: Kuwait
‘70 % Get Jabs, Herd Immunity Met’ MP Osama Al-Shaheen submitted a proposal to allow cooperative societies, public benefit associations and sports clubs to hold their general assemblies, considering the Health Ministry has vaccinated m... September 02, 2021 201 Category: Kuwait
Complete The Vaccination Of Students Before The End Of September Informed health sources confirmed that the Ministry of Health will finish vaccinating all male and female students registered on the vaccination platform before the end of next September. The sourc... August 31, 2021 210 Category: Kuwait
Booster Dose By End Of September Ministry of Health will start sending messages to the group of people who are identified to get the booster dose of vaccine by end of September, local Arabic media reported. According to reports, t... August 30, 2021 1340 Category: Coronavirus
Vaccination Rate For 12-18 Age Group Exceeds 70% The vaccination against Coronavirus is progressing at a steady pace and was one of the major reasons for the decline in epidemiological indicators, Al-Rai daily reported. The health sources told th... August 30, 2021 168 Category: Coronavirus
Travel Ban For No Jab People Those people who have not taken the vaccine will not be permitted to travel abroad from starting from Wednesday, Sept 1, with the exception of two cases, reports Al- Anba daily quoting reliable source... August 29, 2021 1882 Category: Travel
Kuwait To Vaccinate 100 Per Cent Of Those Registered Within A Month With the vaccination campaign in full swing, it is expected that the Ministry of Health would have vaccinated everybody who is eligible and who have registered within a month, local media reported. ... August 28, 2021 311 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Covid -19 Community Immunity Within Reach Kuwait’s Health Minister Sheikh Dr. Bassel Al-Sabah’s announcement that 70 percent of the population have been vaccinated disseminated optimism nationwide that community immunity was withi... August 25, 2021 98 Category: Coronavirus
70% Of People Vaccinated In Kuwait Vaccinations for COVID-19 in Kuwait have reached 70 per cent of the population, Health Minister Sheikh Dr. Bassel Al-Sabah said on Twitter on Tuesday. Meanwhile yesterday the Cabinet were briefed, by ... August 25, 2021 308 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait To Administer Second Dose Of Oxford Vaccine After 6 Weeks Kuwait’s Ministry of Health has decided to administer the second dose of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine six weeks after the first jab, instead of three months, a local newspaper reported. Cit... August 24, 2021 5450 Category: Kuwait
Vaccinating 18,000 Workers Daily In 4 Centers As part of its plans to reach the required societal immunity against “Covid 19” within a short period of time, the Ministry of Health has launched more than one center for anti-Coronavirus... August 23, 2021 378 Category: Kuwait
85% Applications Of Vaccination Exemption Rejected The Ministry of Health disclosed the Vaccination Exemption Committee, set up to approve the requests for exemption from Covid-19 vaccination on medical ground, has dealt with more than 300 requests si... August 22, 2021 400 Category: Kuwait
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