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Life-term Upheld For Iranian Man The Court of Appeals, presided over by Judge Nasr Al-Haid, issued rulings on two cases, and released a convicted lawyer in a third case. In its first ruling, the court overturned the verdict issued to... July 11, 2021 259 Category: Crime News
Death Penalty Upheld For A Kuwaiti The Cassation Court, headed by Counselor Ahmad Al-Ajil, has upheld the capital punishment for a Kuwaiti. The man was found guilty of killing his cousin when they were camping in Mina Abdullah early la... May 24, 2021 367 Category: Crime News
Death Penalty Upheld For Kuwaiti Accused Of Beating Child To Death In Car The Court of Cassation chaired by Judge Ahmad Al-Ajeel ruled in favor of the Court of Appeals to execute a Kuwaiti man accused of beating and torturing a child to death in a vehicle, and to imprison t... January 21, 2020 2252 Category: Crime News
Murdering Of Colleague - Expat’s Death Sentence Upheld The Court of Cassation upheld the death sentence issued by a lower court against an expatriate who is convicted of murdering his colleague after robbing him of his money, reports Al-Anba daily. Accord... January 01, 2020 244 Category: Crime News
Verdict Upheld Against Supporters Of Al-Barrak – Immunity Frees Two MPs The Court of Appeals presided over by Judge Hani Al-Hamdan upheld the verdict issued by the Court of First Instance which sentenced media personality Saad Al-Ajmi, Anwar Al-Fakr and others to two-year... May 08, 2019 219 Category: Crime News
Unconstitutionality Of By-law Upheld The Constitutional Court on Sunday overruled a forwarded petitions against the “unconstitutionality” of Article 16 of the National Assembly bylaw. The National Assembly had rebuffed withdr... January 28, 2019 305 Category: Kuwait
Egyptian DAESH Case Verdict Upheld The Appeals Court has upheld the verdict of the lower court and turned down the request of the defence attorney to release his client, an Egyptian believed to be member of DAESH, who was accused of tr... January 25, 2019 665 Category: Crime News
ISIS Filipina’s Jail Upheld The Court of Appeal has upheld the First Instance Court’s verdict which sentenced a Filipino lady to 10 years in prison with hard labor followed by deportation to her home country after serving ... January 09, 2019 544 Category: Crime News
2 Years Jail Upheld For Habib In Absentia The Criminal Section in the Court of Appeals upheld the decision of a lower court to sentence Munzer Habib in absentia to two years in prison, allowing suspension of implementing the sentence for thre... October 26, 2018 316 Category: Crime News
Jail Upheld For Blogger The Cassation Court on Monday upheld the verdict of the First Instance and Appeals courts to imprison blogger Abdullah Fairoz for five years with hard labor in the State security case filed against hi... October 17, 2018 363 Category: Crime News
Death Penalty Of Shamlan In Cop Murder Case Upheld  The Court of Appeals presided over by Justice Nasser Al Heid upheld the lower court’s verdict that acquitted Attorney Zeyd Al-Khabbaz and others of forging official documents and embezzlin... May 04, 2018 451 Category: Crime News
The Court Of Cassation Upheld Death Against Woman For Murder The Court of Cassation upheld the verdict of the Court of Appeals, which sentenced a Kuwaiti woman to death for killing a fellow compatriot at Sabah Al-Salem after a misunderstanding. The case file in... April 19, 2018 416 Category: Crime News
Verdict Upheld As Kuwaiti Gets Death For Killing His Saudi Friend The Court of Appeals upheld the verdict issued by a lower court which sentenced a Kuwaiti citizen to death for killing his Saudi friend. According to the case file, the victim’s corpse was disco... November 30, 2017 809 Category: Crime News
Court Sentenced Kuwaiti Man To Death By Hanging For Murdering His Ex Wife The Court of Appeals upheld the verdict of the Criminal Court that sentenced a Kuwaiti man to death by hanging for murdering his ex-wife. Case files indicate the citizen stabbed his ex-wife to death i... April 27, 2017 527 Category: Crime News
Lieutenant Upheld , Who Was Accused Of Mistakenly Killing An Individual The Appeals Circuit of Misdemeanor Court upheld the verdict which acquitted an officer of rank “Lieutenant” from Ministry of Interior who was accused of mistakenly killing an individual. T... April 10, 2017 797 Category: Crime News
Court Has Upheld The Right Of A Female Patient To Sue MOH For A Medical Error The Administrative Court has upheld the right of a female patient to sue Ministry of Health for a medical error represented by leaving behind a needle in the patient’s stomach. Lawyer Abdulaziz ... March 30, 2017 485 Category: Crime News
Court Of Appeals Acquits Former MP Al-Duwailah In Libel Lawsuit The Court of Appeals upheld the decision of the Court of First Instance and acquitted former MP Nasser Al-Duwailah and Scope TV crew of issuing malicious statements against the Egyptian leader and the... March 21, 2017 479 Category: Crime News
Bearing The Treatment Cost Of A Kuwaiti Citizen Who Admitted In A Hospital The Court of Appeals upheld the verdict issued by the Court of First Instance which ordered the Supreme Committee for Overseas Medical Treatment to cover the treatment cost of a Kuwaiti citizen who ha... March 03, 2017 880 Category: Crime News
Three Year Jail Term On Royal Upheld A Kuwaiti appeals court on Wednesday upheld a three-year prison sentence for a member of the ruling family on charges of insulting HH the Amir and other members of the ruling family. Sheikh Abdullah S... January 26, 2017 619 Category: Crime News
Verdict Upheld The Court of Appeals presided over by Judge Nasser Salem Al He’d upheld the verdict issued by the Criminal Court which acquitted a Twitter user “Wahmi Kuwaiti” in a State Security ca... June 18, 2016 1883 Category: Crime News
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