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Unemployment In The Arab Region To Increase Unemployment rate in the Arab region is expected to rise to 12.5 percent in 2021, says a new report by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA). “Unemploymen... January 04, 2021 292 Category: Information
Disguised Unemployment Crisis Feared After Graduation The predicted admission crisis at the Kuwait University and some higher education institutions has reopened the file of harmonizing the outputs of these institutions and the requirements of the labor ... October 06, 2020 397 Category: Economics
Kuwait Is One Of The Richest Countries Where Practically There Is No Extreme Poverty And No Forced Unemployment According to the World Bank report, Kuwait is “one of the richest countries where practically there is no extreme poverty and no forced unemployment, reports Al-Rai daily. “The country ... May 03, 2019 494 Category: Kuwait
India Congress Promises To Halve Unemployment India’s main opposition Congress party made election pledges on Tuesday to halve unemployment in five years, but its promise to change a law on special powers for troops in disputed Kashmir drew... April 03, 2019 270 Category: International
Need To Find Solution To No Unemployment For Kuwaitis Problem “There is a need to find solutions to the problem of unemployment especially that the proportion of non-Kuwaitis has become 25% in the government sector,” said the speakers during a panel ... March 29, 2019 215 Category: Kuwait
MP Submitted A Request To Hold A Special Parliamentary Session On The Unemployment Issue MP Osama Al-Shahen has submitted a request to hold a special parliamentary session on the unemployment issue. Al-Shahen confirmed that 18 other MPs have also signed on to his request, which will be di... March 19, 2019 269 Category: Kuwait
Unemployment Looms Over Kuwaiti Youths The specter of unemployment looms over the future of Kuwait’s youth, who represent 70 percent of its population, based on figures that indicate a stifl ing employment crisis that the country wil... March 11, 2019 296 Category: Kuwait
72 Percent Of The Expatriates Are Marginal Laborers - Gvnt College of Social Sciences in Kuwait University organized a forum on demographics recently. During the forum, Professor of Political Science and Supervisor of the political team Dr Hayla Al-Mukaimi... December 17, 2017 644 Category: Kuwait
Gvnmnt Is Against Proposal Related To Reducing Retirement Age For Men Or Women The government is completely against any proposal related to reducing the retirement age for men or women especially since the Public Authority for Social Security has been strongly objecting to such ... October 19, 2017 991 Category: Kuwait
Major Rise In Assets Of Kuwait Investment Authority Assets managed by Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA), one of the world’s biggest sovereign wealth funds, have grown more than 34 percent over the past five years, Finance Minister Anas Al- Saleh ... September 27, 2017 677 Category: Kuwait
MP Forwarded Questions To MOSAL On Appointment Of Expats MP Mubarak Al-Hajraf has forwarded questions to Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Hind Al-Sabeeh on the appointment of expatriates in her ministry. Al-Hajraf stressed that unemployment is a serious... September 27, 2017 539 Category: Kuwait
Migrant Workers Suffer From Illiberal Govt Decisions In response to criticisms heaped on the Executive and Legislative authorities by the Kuwait Human Rights Society (KHRS), there has been widespread indignation in both authorities, reports Al-Rai daily... September 15, 2017 549 Category: Kuwait
85.1 Percent Of Workers At The Sector Are Demanding Salary Increment An empirical study prepared by the Government and Manpower Restructuring Program (GMRP) concerning effect of the financial cadres in improving competency of the national manpower in private sector rev... August 30, 2017 498 Category: Kuwait
KTUF Says Expatriate Workers Play A Part In The Thorny Issues Chairman of Kuwait Trade Union Federation (KTUF) Salem Al-Ajmi says expatriate workers play a part in the thorny issues that Kuwait is currently facing, adding, “However, what drew our attention... August 28, 2017 482 Category: Kuwait
Parliamentary Study Highlights Failure By Government To Address Unemployment Problem  A parliamentary study highlighted the failure of all procedures taken by the government from 2000 to 2016 to address the unemployment problem, reports Al-Qabas daily. According to the study, the... August 07, 2017 508 Category: Kuwait
MP Has Proposed a Special Stock Exchange For Small And Medium-sized Enterprises SMEs MP Mohamed Al-Huwailah has submitted a proposal to form a special stock exchange for small and medium-sized enterprises SMEs. These high-quality SMEs, he said, play a key role in furthering the econom... March 19, 2017 539 Category: Kuwait
Kuwaiti Youth Look For Answers As Election Day Looms Youth unemployment is one of the most perennial challenges faced by many of the world's most developed nations, a top policy concern that has been the focal point of global development goals. W... November 09, 2016 1120 Category: Kuwait
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