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Mystery Still Surrounds The ‘direct Contract’ Of 50 Million KD Awarded To Maintain Jaber Bridge Mystery still surrounds the direct contract that the Ministry of Public Works is seeking to conclude with the Hyundai Engineering and Construction Company, reports Al-Rai daily. The contract is wor... October 11, 2019 3948 Category: Kuwait
Mystery - Death Of An Elderly Kuwaiti Lady The Ahmadi Attorney General has referred the corpse of an elderly Kuwaiti woman to Forensic medicine to find out the cause of the scratches on the victim’s body, reports Al-Anba daily. A secu... July 25, 2019 476 Category: Crime News
Woman's Death Still Shrouded In Mystery The mystery surrounding the death of a woman in Kuwait lingers on, Kuwait Timesreported. Forensic experts and detectives were unable to identify the victim as her fingerprints were not found i... December 05, 2018 774 Category: Crime News
Mystery Solved In Bangladeshi Death Case Investigations carried out by securitymen has helped solve the mystery of the death of an unidentified Asian whose corpse was dumped in Jabriya by another driver, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily added... November 23, 2018 396 Category: Crime News
Mystery Solved As Missing Syrian Man Found Buried In Desert Securitymen have unraveled the mystery of a young Syrian who was reported missing about two weeks ago, reports Al-Rai daily. According to security sources, two friends – a bedoun and a Saudi ... October 23, 2018 529 Category: Crime News
Two Kuwaitis And An Egyptian Were Found Dead In Salmiya The remains of three people — two Kuwaitis and an Egyptian — who were found dead in their respective homes in three separate incidents in Salmiya, Fahaheel and Maidan Hawalli have been ref... February 05, 2018 2828 Category: Crime News
Egyptian Gang Caught In Fake Dollars Mystery Police have managed to unravel the mystery concerning the emergence of fake dollars in money exchange bureaus in Farwaniya area. Investigations conducted by them resulted in the arrest of four Egyptia... January 28, 2018 683 Category: Economics
Mystery Surrounding Two Absconding Cases Solved By Women Fingerprint identification conducted on two Kuwaiti women by security operatives helped in solving mystery surrounding two absconding cases dating back to 2012 and early 2016 respectively, reports Al ... October 27, 2017 714 Category: Crime News
Mystery Surrounding The Death Of A 5yr Old Kuwaiti Girl Have Died Inside A Bathroom Criminal Securitymen unraveled the mystery surrounding the death of a 5-year old Kuwaiti girl said to have died inside a bathroom. Investigation revealed the boyfriend of the child’s mother had ... August 08, 2017 1048 Category: Crime News
Criminal Investigation Department Unraveled The Death Mystery Of Two Siblings Detectives from the Criminal Investigation Department have unraveled the mystery of two siblings, 5 and 7 years old respectively, who died in their family house in Ishbiliya area recently. The chil... June 21, 2017 563 Category: Crime News
CID Have Uncovered The Murder Mystery Of An Indian Woman The Public Relations and Security Media Department of the Ministry of Interior said detectives from the Criminal Investigation Department have uncovered the murder mystery of an Indian woman, reports ... June 19, 2017 380 Category: Crime News
Cops Have Arrested 3 Syrians Who Was In Connection With Luxury Car Theft Plainclothes police have solved the mystery of the luxury missing car which was reported stolen by a Kuwaiti two years ago. Police have arrested three Syrians in connection with the theft and handed t... April 17, 2017 617 Category: Crime News
Ahmadi Police Have Solved The Complicated Murder Mystery The Ahmadi police have solved the complicated murder mystery. Police are said to have taken into custody an unidentified Egyptian man who reportedly fatally stabbed a compatriot in an open ground in M... February 22, 2017 846 Category: Crime News
Police Looking For Two Women Wearing Niqab For Stealing A Taxi And Robbing Police are looking for two women wearing niqab for stealing a taxi and robbing the Asian taxi driver, reports Al-Anba daily. A security source said the Asian taxi driver has filed a complaint with Sul... February 12, 2017 925 Category: Crime News
Mystery Solved In Bedoun Man Murder Case A 1978-born Bedoun man was murdered by his 1980-born brother in Andalous area on Friday, January 13. In a press statement issued by Ministry of Interior, the General Department for Public Relations an... January 15, 2017 567 Category: Crime News
Hawally Securitymen Solved Mystery Of A Video Clip The Hawally securitymen solved the mystery of a video clip which is circulating in the social media showing a young man pursuing a woman and snatching her handbag, reports Al-Anba daily. Intensive ... May 27, 2016 1956 Category: Kuwait
Kuwaiti Businessman Mohammad Al-Baghli Who Went Missing In Romania Remains A Mystery The whereabouts of Kuwaiti businessman Mohammad Al-Baghli who went missing in Romania remains a mystery, reports Al-Rai daily. However, the Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta has asked for answer... October 21, 2015 2437 Category: Kuwait
Egyptian Admits Killing Of The Saudi Woman And Her Kuwaiti Daughter Mystery Deepens As Son Rejects Death Of Close Relatives  The ‘murder’ of the Saudi woman and her Kuwaiti daughter remains a mystery as new details which have emerged to tell in detail the tale of the two women whose bodies were reportedly ... October 13, 2015 3379 Category: Kuwait
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