Cops Have Arrested 3 Syrians Who Was In Connection With Luxury Car Theft
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Plainclothes police have solved the mystery of the luxury missing car which was reported stolen by a Kuwaiti two years ago. Police have arrested three Syrians in connection with the theft and handed them over to the concerned authorities. A security source the Kuwaiti had already filed a complaint against one Syrian two years ago, accusing him of stealing the car.

According to the Kuwaiti the car was put up for sale and the suspect asked for a trial ride, got behind the wheel and never came back. After 2 years, plainclothes police told the Kuwaiti they found the car inside a Salmiya showroom with a different license plate.

Police summoned the Syrian who offered the car for sale and the latter said he bought it from a compatriot for KD 10,000 and transferred its ownership officially at the traffic department. The detectives discovered the license plate was authentic but further investigations revealed the suspect bought the same car from the Syrian who escaped with it for only KD 2,500 because it could not be registered.

He then bought a similar car of the same model and color. He then removed the license plate of the new car and put it on the stolen car and sold it again. He then guided police to the person from whom he had bought the car. He admitted to stealing the car two years ago.



17 Apr, 2017 619
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