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Al-Rajaan Extradition ‘ongoing’; Poet Arrest Hit Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice and Minister of State for Nazaha Enhancement Abdullah Al-Rumi has responded to the queries of MP Abdullah Al-Turaiji, affirming that the concerned British... July 06, 2021 176 Category: Crime News
Kuwait Hands Over Three Egyptians To Interpol On Charges Of Inciting Chaos And Calling For Demonstrations. Kuwait’s State Security Agency handed over three Egyptians to Interpol on charges of inciting chaos and organizing demonstrations against the Egyptian regime, a local Arabic daily Al Qabas repor... October 12, 2020 660 Category: Crime News
Interpol On Lookout For A Cheat Trader The Court of Misdemeanors has sentenced a fugitive businessman to six months in prison with hard labor after he swindled a lawyer by convincing him to buy shares from international markets and kept a ... March 31, 2019 309 Category: Crime News
Interpol Help Sought To Arrest Military Officer Kuwait has enlisted the aid of Interpol to arrest a military officer accused of stealing public funds, its interior ministry said on Sunday. Kuwait’s interior ministry has worked closely with... October 03, 2018 466 Category: Kuwait
Manhunt Has Been Launched By The Interpol To Arrest And Investigate A Lebanese Man A manhunt has been launched by the Interpol to arrest and investigate a Lebanese man and his Syrian wife, the prime suspects in the death of a Filipina woman whose body was found inside a freezer on W... February 09, 2018 1295 Category: Crime News
CEO Has Asked The INTERPOL To Issue A Warrant On Fintas Group Fugitives The Criminal Enforcement Office has asked the INTERPOL to issue a warrant for the arrest of the fugitives of the “Fintas Group” and extradite them to Kuwait in order for them to serve thei... August 15, 2017 718 Category: Crime News
Saudi Interpol Has Arrested An Kuwaiti Fugitive Who Was Helped By Ex-MP To Escape The Saudi Interpol, in cooperation with its Kuwaiti counterpart, has arrested an unidentified Kuwaiti who had been sentenced in absentia and had escaped to Saudi Arabia on April 26, 2017, with the hel... May 09, 2017 653 Category: Kuwait
Kuwaiti Interpol Has Arrested 3 Wanted Egyptians In Cairo Murder Case The Kuwaiti Interpol has arrested three Egyptians wanted by Cairo in connection with murder. The first crime was committed in 2015 in Upper Egypt when two brothers mistakenly killed their sibling and ... January 15, 2017 868 Category: Crime News
Look For And Arrest Egyptian Fugitives Who May Have Entered Kuwait On Forged Passports Under Fictitious Names The Egyptian Interpol has formally requested its Kuwaiti counterpart and the State Security police to look for and arrest Egyptian fugitives who may have entered Kuwait on forged passports under ficti... December 06, 2016 898 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Interpol Seeks Help To Arrest 1750 People The Kuwaiti Interpol has sought the help of their counterparts in various countries to arrest and bring to justice 1,750 people who are at large. These people are believed to have escaped to their ... October 01, 2016 1565 Category: Kuwait
Interpol Traced Kuwaiti Who Swindled KD 12 Million From People Efforts exerted by Kuwaiti Interpol led by its director Colonel Ahmed Al-Hilal, with the cooperation of its Iranian counterpart, has succeeded in tracing the location of a Kuwaiti electrical engineer ... May 08, 2016 2207 Category: Crime News
Kuwait Authorities Seek Assistance Of Interpol To Track Down A Woman Who Embezzled Millions Of Dinars Authorities in Kuwait will seek assistance of the Interpol to track down a woman who embezzled millions of dinars and fled to Iran. “Steps are underway to secure an international notice aga... April 26, 2016 1372 Category: Kuwait
UAE Interpol Arrest Kuwaiti In Abu Dhabi, Man Wanted By Law For Trafficking In Unlicensed Arms The UAE Interpol based on a request from its Kuwaiti counterpart is said to have arrested a Kuwaiti who had escaped from the country and settled in Abu Dhabi after the arrest of members of a ‘ce... November 25, 2015 1987 Category: Kuwait
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