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MPs ‘approve’ Final Accounts The National Assembly has approved the budget of independent institutions for fiscal 2020/2021 including the Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK), Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development (KFAED), Kuwait Cre... September 09, 2020 526 Category: Kuwait
KOC In Final Consultations To Launch ‘solar Energy Project The Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) is holding final consultations to launch the long-awaited project to generate power through solar energy to extract heavy oil at the giant Ritqa field to produce heavy Far... January 08, 2019 425 Category: Business
Ministry Adopts Final Report On Special Educ Complex Project The Ministry of Education, represented by the Educational Installations and Planning Sector, has adopted the final report on the special education complex project; including the unique design philosop... November 23, 2018 382 Category: Business
Ministry Of Interior Gives Final Touches To Security Plan In Muharram The Ministry of Interior is putting the final touches to the security plan for the month of Muharram, during which the memory of the martyrdom of Imam Al-Hussain (may Allah be pleased with him) is com... September 09, 2018 644 Category: Kuwait
National Assembly Approved Final Accounts The National Assembly on Tuesday approved the reports of the Budgets and Final Accounts Committee on the 2016/2017 final accounts and 2018/2019 budgets of the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs... May 30, 2018 373 Category: Kuwait
Ministry Of Education Announce Results Of Final Examinations Of The High Schools Kuwait’s Ministry of Education (MoE) said Friday it would announce the results of the final examinations of the high schools on Monday, June 4, at most. The correction process of the exam papers... May 27, 2018 517 Category: Kuwait
Final Plan Of Subway Metro Stations In Limbo The final plan of the subway metro stations in Kuwait has been left in a limbo as bureaucracy takes a toll on the mega project, reports Al-Shahed daily. There are complaints about delays in the pro... May 27, 2018 3740 Category: Kuwait
220,577 Students To Sit For Final Exam From Sunday And On May 20 Some 220,577 students in fifth elementary, the intermediate, tenth and eleventh grades at public and private schools will begin their final exam for the current academic year on Sunday, and twelfth gr... May 04, 2018 519 Category: Kuwait
MPW Committee Investigating Mangaf Underpass Flooding Submitted Final Report A Ministry of Public Works (MPW) committee investigating the Mangaf underpass flooding submitted its final report. According to Kuwait times report, the final report also includes four recommendations... June 20, 2017 597 Category: Kuwait
National Assembly Approved The Final Budgets Of State Agencies The National Assembly, in its ordinary session Wednesday, approved the final accounts and budgets of several government agencies for fiscal 2015/2016 in addition to their link budgets for 2017/2018 as... May 25, 2017 489 Category: Kuwait
Various Clarifications On Termination Final Settlement Vacation Etc I am working with a Korean company, having different subcontract works under Government Projects. I would like to get few clarifications about some points which are mentioned hereunder: 1) Terminat... April 19, 2017 924 Category: Termination
Eagles Resolve 17 Military Drills Start Final Week Kuwaiti, GCC and Western military forces began Sunday the final week of Eagles Resolve 2017 exercises, aimed at bolstering cooperation among troops participating in the war games. Kuwait Army Chief... April 03, 2017 850 Category: Kuwait
Final Settlement I am an Indian expatriate, working with a trading company. I joined this company on Sept 12, 2013. I want to know how much will be my final settlement and leave balance payment. I have already resi... September 16, 2016 1643 Category: Legal
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