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Al-Sadu Weaving Inclusion In UNESCO Victory For Kuwaiti Culture  The inclusion of Al-Sadu weaving in UNESCO’s list of Intangible Heritage is a victory for GCC countries’ culture, especially the State of Kuwait, said the National Council for Cultur... December 18, 2020 547 Category: Information
Campaign To Spread Religious Culture In Public Places Of Kuwait Rejected Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor has rejected two applications submitted by two charity organizations to hold religious campaigns in public places such as public gardens, beaches and malls, report... April 03, 2019 383 Category: Kuwait
Culture, Art And Ethics A senior doctor says the pharmaceutical companies spend a lot of money to boost the sexual potential of men and women and to develop their genitals, while they do not spend enough to cure dementia or ... December 13, 2018 892 Category: article
Kuwaitis Lack Financial Culture Contrary to what is said that Kuwaitis are good traders, several facts over the past years have proved the weakness of the financial culture of a large segment of the citizens and that the gap is larg... December 13, 2018 504 Category: Kuwait
GCC States Affirm Necessity To Boost Human Rights Culture Member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) have affirmed significance of promoting human rights’ culture and adopting dialogue and tolerance in face of mushrooming hatred and racial ind... June 26, 2018 565 Category: International
Ministry Of Interior Has Rejected The Proposal Of MP Waleed Al Tabtabaei The Education, Culture and Guidance Committee on Thursday discussed with a team from the Ministry of Education several proposals on the return of lawmakers who used to be faculty members at Kuwait Uni... April 13, 2018 850 Category: Kuwait
Bronze Age Artefacts Unearthed In Kuwait Kuwait’s National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters (NCCAL) said that it has discovered tens of cemeteries and engraved items in a popular eastern resort on the shores of the Arabian Gulf. ... March 29, 2018 576 Category: Kuwait
China Presents 1000 Books To Kuwait National Library The Embassy of Republic of China in Kuwait has dedicated a collection of 1,000 books to the Kuwait National Library on Monday in a ceremony held at the library. In his speech, the Chinese Ambassador t... March 27, 2018 378 Category: Kuwait
The Harsh Reality Of Teaching In The Middle East I am a high school English teacher and I grew up in sunny Durban. I had been teaching for seven years and was looking for an adventure and to travel, so I left my teaching job at a state high school e... August 14, 2017 675 Category: Kuwait
Traditional Kuwaiti Mens Clothing Reflect Local Culture In many cases, clothing has been considered a representation of cultural identity of people from different countries around the globe and this is very true when it comes to traditional garments worn b... July 20, 2017 792 Category: Kuwait
TOWER OF HUNDREDS OF AZTEC SKULLS FOUND UNDER MEXICO CITY A tower of human skulls unearthed beneath the heart of Mexico City has raised new questions about the culture of sacrifice in the Aztec Empire after crania of women and children surfaced among the hun... July 03, 2017 917 Category: International
Court Ordered To Pay A Fine Of KD 3,000 For Offending Sheikh Mazen The Misdemeanor Court has ordered the former secretary-general of the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters to pay a fine of KD 3,000 for offending Sheikh Mazen Al-Jarrah through a post on hi... May 02, 2017 904 Category: Crime News
Taste Of Kuwait Part Of Bid For UNSC Non-permanent Seat Kuwait Mission to the UN hosted in the heart of Manhattan an event aiming to promote the country's culture and heritage.
 The "Taste of Kuwait" event, that took place at the Permane... April 22, 2017 721 Category: Kuwait
A Campaign Titled Accept Me Has Been Launched In Kuwait To Promote Culture Of Coexistence A campaign titled “Accept Me” has been launched in Kuwait with the aim of promoting the culture of coexistence and acceptance of others within the Kuwaiti society. In a press statement,... April 15, 2017 891 Category: Kuwait
A Campaign Has Been Launched With The Aim Of Promoting The Culture Of Coexistence A campaign titled “Accept Me” has been launched in Kuwait with the aim of promoting the culture of coexistence and acceptance of others within the Kuwaiti society. In a press statement,... April 14, 2017 708 Category: Kuwait
France Expresses Great Appreciation For Kuwaits Generous Support For Culture France on Thursday gave lavish praise to Kuwait's role in supporting cultural development down through the decades and on several levels and particularly on this occasion by helping refurbish the ... April 01, 2017 942 Category: Kuwait
The Fraternal Ties Between Pakistan And Kuwait The fraternal ties between Pakistan and Kuwait are rooted deeply in the multiple commonalities of shared history, traditions, common religion and culture.  The two countries have always stood by ... March 23, 2017 2291 Category: Kuwait
South Mubarakiya SOMU, The New Old Souq Sights, sounds and smells are what you will walk into when you reach South Mubarakiya (SOMU), the new ‘old’ district, marked by the previously renovated SOMU Square or Thouq Square.Located... February 23, 2017 2055 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Capital Of Islamic Culture 2016 Events To Promote State Reputation The events and activities of the "Kuwait Capital of Islamic Culture 2016" are seeking to promote Kuwait's reputation, both at home and overseas, said Minister of Information and Minister... August 03, 2016 1100 Category: Kuwait
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