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Vaccines For Children Due In Kuwait Very Soon; Health Situation At Schools “satisfactory” Vaccines against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) for persons aged between five and 11 are expected to arrive in Kuwait in the coming few weeks, an official of the Ministry of Health announced on Mond... January 10, 2022 546 Category: Coronavirus
Kuwaiti Girl And Boy - First Children Born In 2022 At 12:01 Two Kuwaiti children born at 12:01 am are the first birth reported in the year 2022 in Kuwait. The baby girl was born to Kuwaiti parents at Al-Jahra Hospital and is in good health, according to hos... January 01, 2022 547 Category: Kuwait
41000 Children Registered To Be Vaccinated Against Corona With the return of infection rates to Corona in the country during the past days, government sources stressed the need to take the utmost caution and to tighten precautionary measures on gatherings an... December 25, 2021 179 Category: Coronavirus
Shots For 5-12 Yrs Soon With the expedition of the government’s efforts to continue improving the epidemiological situation in the country, and to preserve the positive steps that have been achieved to control the COVI... December 07, 2021 262 Category: Coronavirus
Kuwait Keen On Protecting Rights Of Children Representative of the Criminal Investigations General Department Shaima Al-Adsani said the Juvenile Prosecution is now specialized in investigating electronic crime cases among those below 18 years ol... December 02, 2021 141 Category: Kuwait
2 Hours Off For New Moms Bill Proposed MP Saleh Ziab Al-Mutairi submitted a bill to amend Children and Women’s Rights Law No. 21/2015 in order to grant female Kuwaiti public sector employees who are taking care of their children two ... December 01, 2021 147 Category: Kuwait
No Covid-19 Test For Children Under Five Travelling To India Children under five years of age are exempted from both pre-and-post-arrival testing upon arrival in India, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare said. However, if they are found to be symptoma... November 14, 2021 412 Category: Coronavirus
Kuwait Begins Vaccinating Children From The Age Of 5 Years The Ministry of Health announced the opening of registration for the “Covid-19” vaccination against Corona for children aged 5 years and above. Yesterday The Food and Drug Administratio... October 30, 2021 2111 Category: Coronavirus
Failure By Parents To Monitor Their Children Leads To Dire Consequences Including Their Future After the security campaigns caught many juveniles driving cars without a license, the future of these juveniles looks bleak because it will have a bearing on them when they want to enroll in any of t... October 30, 2021 565 Category: Kuwait
13 Children To Be Reunited With Their Mothers In Their Respective Countries The Ministry of Social Affairs and Community Development is following up the process of handing over the children from the ‘Social Care Home’ to their mothers who have been identified with... October 06, 2021 1247 Category: Kuwait
Children Between 5 Yrs To 11 Yrs To Be Vaccinated Soon With Pfizer-Biontech announcing that they are close to obtain a license to use their vaccine against age group of 5 yrs to 11 yrs, the Ministry of Health is preparing to vaccinate children betwee... September 27, 2021 539 Category: Kuwait
Unvaccinated Below 18 Children Subjected To One Week Quarantine Upon Arrival The decision to allow entry of expatriate children under the age of 18, who are subject to vaccination, with an institutional quarantine for a week upon their arrival, the sources confirmed that one o... September 12, 2021 354 Category: Kuwait
Hawally Park Opens The Doors To Children After maintaining all its toys, Hawally Park opened the doors of its city again to children after a break that lasted for more than a year. The director of Hawally Park, Saad Al-Ali, confirmed to A... September 01, 2021 605 Category: Kuwait
Expats’ Children Will Be Allowed To Travel To Kuwait While expats were allowed into the country since beginning of this month, there has been uncertainty about the return of their children. To clear up the confusion, a local newspaper stated the governm... August 24, 2021 8266 Category: Expats
90,000 Children In The Age Group Of 12 And 15 Years Got Vaccinated While Kuwait is moving towards attaining community immunity by vaccinating about 70% of its population against the epidemic, the campaign to immunize children between 12 and 15 years continues in full... August 17, 2021 261 Category: Kuwait
UNICEF Praises Kuwait’s Role In Improving Children Conditions On All Level Representative of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Al-Tayyib Adam praised Tuesday the role of Kuwait in improving the condition of children within the humanitarian and development fie... August 10, 2021 185 Category: Kuwait
A Large Number Of Children Receive The Vaccine Coinciding with the number of recipients of “Covid 19” doses in the country reaching more than 2.51 million people, whether it is a dose or two doses according to the approved categories o... August 04, 2021 510 Category: Kuwait
50% Of Eligible Children Have Been Vaccinated In Kuwait About 50 per cent of children, who registered for the vaccine, have received the jab since Kuwait began administering the COVID-19 vaccine a week ago to those between 12-15 age group, local media repo... July 28, 2021 591 Category: Kuwait
We Were Not Officially Notified Of Closure, Say Nursery Owners Despite the assertion by the Ministry of Social Affairs that all children’s activities and summer clubs and nurseries must adhere to government decision, some clubs continued to receive children... July 27, 2021 259 Category: Kuwait
Closure Of Activities Related To Children Comes Into Force Government spokesman Tariq Al-Mazram announced that the Cabinet decided to reopen children’s activities from September. Earlier the Cabinet had decided to close summer clubs for children, starti... July 26, 2021 287 Category: Kuwait
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