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Audit Bureau Charges KAPP With Tardiness The State Audit Bureau in its latest report on the Kuwait Authority for Partnership Projects (KAPP) has criticized the authority for its tardiness in getting projects off the ground in a timely manner... February 17, 2021 181 Category: Kuwait
Radical Changes Made In Committee To Respond To Audit Bureau’s Notes Despite the significant decrease in State Audit Bureau’s notes registered against the Ministry of Education for fiscal year 2019- 2020 due to the repercussions of the coronavirus, the ministry c... November 18, 2020 341 Category: Information
Audit, Nazaha Sign MoU To Battle Corruption  The Audit Bureau signed on Wednesday a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Public Authority for Combating Corruption (Nazaha) to enhance aspects of cooperation between the two sides. In a... November 12, 2020 296 Category: Information
Audit Bureau Sign MoU With Nazaha To Bolster Combating Corruption The Audit Bureau signed on Wednesday a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Public Authority for Combating Corruption (Nazaha) to enhance aspects of cooperation between the two sides. In a pr... November 11, 2020 284 Category: Information
Audit Bureau Examines US$ 3.2 Billion Projects The Audit Bureau assessed 1,531 ventures worth KD 1.9 billion (US$3.2 billion) between April 4 and October 31 this year. Up to 93 percent of the projects were presented by ministries and government de... November 01, 2020 354 Category: Information
Audit Bureau Takes MPW To Task For Delaying Many Road Projects: : In conjunction with the continuous complaints from the people of Sabah Al- Ahmad City about the recurrence of accidents on the road connecting Mina Abdullah and Wafra due to the delay in its complet... November 01, 2020 360 Category: Automotive
His Highness The Emir Receives From The President Of The State Audit Bureau The Report For The Fiscal Year 2019/2020 His Highness the Emir, Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, received at Bayan Palace this morning, Head of the Audit Bureau, Faisal Fahad Al-Shaya, where he presented to His Highness the annual re... October 27, 2020 349 Category: Kuwait
Audit Section Of Ministry Of Social Affairs Suspends Work Due To Infection From Coronavirus The concerned officials at the Financial Affairs Department in the Ministry of Social Affairs recently issued a circular to the department’s staff, advising them not to report for work as three ... September 28, 2020 379 Category: Coronavirus
Audit Bureau Marks 55 Years Of Establishment The State Audit Bureau of Kuwait marks Sunday its 55th establishment anniversary as an entity in charge of monitoring public wealth. The bureau was founded on July 7, 1964 to be the chief audit aut... July 07, 2019 307 Category: Business
State Audit Bureau To Brief Cabinet On 2017-18 Budget Review The State Audit Bureau will attend an upcoming Cabinet session to discuss its 2017-18 fiscal review into the budgets of state institutions amid efforts to boost transparency and fight corruption. A... November 07, 2018 257 Category: Business
Audit Finds Misappropriation Of Funds – More Then KD 120,000 Paid For Absentees After the State Audit Bureau found out that the Ministry of Education wrongly paid a large amount to certain staff on study leaves and missions, the bureau discovered payment of salaries– more t... October 21, 2018 529 Category: Kuwait
State Audit Bureau Accuses CSC Of Usurping Its Role The State Audit Bureau has accused Civil Service Commission (CSC) of usurping its role as the authority in charge of disciplinary actions against employees and officials found culpable of financial vi... July 26, 2018 310 Category: Business
1.175 Million From Subscription Of Advertisement Billboards The State Audit Bureau has accused Kuwait Municipality of losing KD 1.175 million from subscription of advertisement billboards in the Capital Governorate by charging less than the real value of the b... April 01, 2018 369 Category: Kuwait
State Audit Bureau Has Warned The Government Against Controlling The Economic Sectors Of The Country The State Audit Bureau has warned the government against controlling the economic sectors of the country, especially since it weakens the private sector. It urged the government to bear the responsibi... January 08, 2018 817 Category: Kuwait
Audit Bureau Regularly Examines Internal Supervision Systems And Regulations Applied At The Public Departments The Audit Bureau regularly examines internal supervision systems and regulations applied at the public departments, affirmed a senior official of the bureau. Hessa Al-Meshaan, the chief auditor, ma... August 04, 2017 494 Category: Kuwait
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