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Kuwaiti Man Held For Smoking In Ramadan, Attacking Cop A Kuwaiti man has landed himself in double trouble at a police station. He is facing charges of smoking in public during the fasting hours in the holy Islamic month of Ramadan and assaulting a policem... April 20, 2021 738 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Arrested For Attacking Doctor Police have taken into custody a Kuwaiti for insulting and threatening to stab a doctor while on duty at the Adan Hospital, reports Al-Rai daily. According to the security sources the doctor called... January 28, 2020 240 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Father And Son Jailed For 6 Months For Attacking Securitymen While They Were Doing Their Job The Misdemeanor Court acquitted an investigation team consisting of ten officers and securitymen from General Investigations Department who were accused of beating a Kuwaiti citizen and his son and ca... August 01, 2019 208 Category: Crime News
Former Kuwaiti Parliamentary Candidate Sentenced To 3 Years Jail For Attacking Saudi A former parliamentary candidate has been sentenced to jail for three years over his hostile comments on Saudi Arabia. A Kuwaiti Court convicted Mohammed Khalid Al-Hajeri of defaming Saudi Ara... May 26, 2019 389 Category: Crime News
A Syrian Woman Accused Her Husband Of Attacking Her Physically Inside Their Flat In Salmiya Area A Syrian woman accused her husband of attacking her physically during a quarrel between them inside their flat in Salmiya area. According to security sources, the woman went to Salmiya Police Station ... August 29, 2018 352 Category: Crime News
2 Employees Were Detained For Attacking Kuwaiti Citizen And Insulting Securitymen Two employees of Al-Roya Center in Zahra area were detained for investigations over allegations of attacking a Kuwaiti citizen and insulting securitymen. According to security sources, when the Operat... May 16, 2017 483 Category: Crime News
Accusing The Former Of Attacking Kuwaitis By Describing Them As Hybrids The Public Prosecution has extended detention of a lawyer involved in a case filed by Attorney Ayed Mahadi Al-Rashidi on behalf of the State Security Department, accusing the former of attacking Kuwai... April 26, 2017 1304 Category: Crime News
Public Prosecution Decided To Extend Detention Of A Kuwaiti Citizen The Public Prosecution decided to extend detention of a Kuwaiti citizen for further investigations over a video clip in which he was seen attacking a traffic officer while the latter was performing hi... April 12, 2017 534 Category: Crime News
Citizen Filed A Case Against An Unknown Individual For Attacking His 17 Year Old Son Kuwaiti citizen and his 17-year old son went to Ardiya Police Station and filed a case against an unknown individual who attacked his son. Using the details provided by the victim, securitymen launche... March 29, 2017 596 Category: Crime News
Police Have Arrested An Unidentified Person For Verbally Abusing And Attacking The Security Guards Police have arrested an unidentified person for verbally abusing and attacking the security guards at the College of Business Studies. This happened when the security guards prevented the man from ent... March 08, 2017 583 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Citizen Accused Of Attacking His Female Friend The Criminal Division of the Court of First Instance acquitted a Kuwaiti citizen who was accused of attacking his female friend and having non-consensual sex with her inside her apartment. According t... January 04, 2017 893 Category: Crime News
Top Lawyer Fined For Insulting And Attacking 2 Officers The Misdemeanor Court ordered an experienced lawyer to pay a fine of KD 1,000 for insulting and attacking two officers from the Criminal Investigations Department. The court acquitted the two officers... November 17, 2016 837 Category: Crime News
Rhino Arrested For Attacking 4 A wellbuilt man, who is known as ‘Rhino’ was arrested for breaking into a restaurant in Sulaibiya area and assaulting four individuals. Following the incident, the four individuals lodged ... May 29, 2016 1135 Category: Crime News
CID Arrested Two Individuals For Attacking A Policeman The Criminal Investigation Department arrested two individuals who appeared in a video clip that went viral on social media in which they were seen attacking a policeman while he was on official duty.... April 14, 2016 1043 Category: Kuwait
Bahrain Court Jails 10 People For Attacking Police Bahrain on Tuesday sentenced four people to life in prison and six others for up to 15 years for attacking police during a protest in a village, the prosecution said. The 10 defendants were found g... March 30, 2016 1084 Category: Kuwait
5 Arrested For Attacking A Police Officer Kuwait authorities today arrested five people for attacking a police officer and passers-by in Farwaniya. According to initial report, a Kuwaiti citizen, Jordanian, Syrian, Egyptian and a Bedoon was a... February 18, 2016 1976 Category: Kuwait
4 Arrested For Driving Recklessly, Racing, Endangering Lives And Attacking Police Officers At Sulaibiya Four youths were arrested for driving recklessly, racing, endangering lives and attacking police officers at Sulaibiya. In a press statement issued by Ministry of Interior, Public Relations and Securi... November 22, 2015 2452 Category: Driving License
Cour Acquitted A Kuwaiti Juvenile Who Was Accused Of Attacking Another Using A Cleaver The Court of First Instance acquitted a Kuwaiti juvenile who was accused of attacking another using a cleaver which resulted in a permanent deformity in the victim. The Public Prosecution accused the ... October 12, 2015 1744 Category: Kuwait
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