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Parliamentarian Approves Amending The Pleadings Law Regarding Electronic Declarations Parliamentary committee for legal and legislative affairs on Thursday approved bills for amending some provisions of the law for civil and commercial law regarding electronic announcements. The propos... May 08, 2020 549 Category: Kuwait
MP Submitted A Bill Amending Article 14 Of The Housing Law For Divorced Men MP Adel Al-Damkhi submitted a bill amending Article 14 of the Housing Law which invalidates the housing request of an applicant if he is divorced. The MP explained that it is unjust to cancel a hou... September 27, 2019 228 Category: Kuwait
Speaker Called For Amending The Bylaw Of IPU - Imposed Penalties  Kuwait National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim Friday called for amending the bylaw of Inter- Parliamentary Union (IPU) in a way that imposed penalties on any member failing to comply with t... February 10, 2019 253 Category: Kuwait
MP Al Enizi Calls For Amending Article 42 Pushing for the parliamentary directive to rectify retirement policies in the country, MP Askar Al-Enizi submitted a proposal to amend Article 42 of Handicapped Rights Law No. 8/2010 in order to allow... December 23, 2018 337 Category: Kuwait
Interior And Defense Committee Studying Issue Of Amending Election Law Over Constituencies The Interior and Defense Committee of the National Assembly is studying the issue of amending the elction law in terms of amendment of the constituencies, the number of votes, and geographical and reg... May 29, 2018 456 Category: Kuwait
Salaries In Public Sector And Private Sector In Middle East And Middle Asia Is The Highest In Kuwait With 245 Pc The gap between the salaries in the public sector and the private sector in Middle East and Middle Asia is the highest in Kuwait with 245 percent, followed by Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, as per a... January 12, 2018 817 Category: Kuwait
Parliamentary Cmte Discussed Two Proposals On Amending The Audio Visual Law The parliamentary Legislative and Legal Affairs Committee on Monday discussed two proposals on amending the Audio Visual Law, says committee member MP Ahmad Al-Fadel. Speaking to reporters after th... November 21, 2017 691 Category: Kuwait
Deadline For Amending The Status Of Existing Electronic Media Businesses Is Monday, July 24 Director of Electronic Publishing Department at Ministry of Information Lafi Al-Sebaie revealed that the deadline for amending the status of the existing electronic media businesses is Monday, July 24... July 24, 2017 328 Category: Kuwait
SC Seeks Time Frame For Amending Law To Allow NRI Voting From Overseas The Supreme Court on Friday sought to know from the Central government the time it would require for bringing a bill amending the Representation of People Act to allowing NRIs vote from their overseas... July 22, 2017 877 Category: India
Essa Al-Kandari Present A Bill For Amending The Law On Establishment Of KPC Deputy National Assembly Speaker Essa Al-Kandari has indicated an intention to present a bill for amending the law on establishment of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, so that all revenues of the corpora... June 18, 2017 487 Category: Kuwait
Parliament Approves Labor Law Bills The Parliament, in its regular session on Tuesday, approved the report of the Health, Social and Labor Affairs Committee on two bills amending some provisions of the Private Sector Labor Law Number 6/... June 11, 2017 2987 Category: Kuwait
Speaker Amending The Nationality And Administrative Court Laws National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Ali Al-Ghanim said on Tuesday that he had received a report by the parliamentary legislative and legal affairs committee on amending the nationality and administrativ... March 29, 2017 525 Category: Kuwait
MP Has Submitted A Proposal To Amend Law To Allow Citizenship To Kuwaitis Expat Wives MP Marzouq Al-Khalifa has submitted a proposal to amend Section 2 of Article 8 in the Amiri Decree No. 15/1959 concerning Kuwaiti citizenship in order to allow issuance of citizenship to expatriate wo... February 24, 2017 725 Category: Kuwait
Amending A Bill To Reduce The Voting Age From 21 To 18 MP Majed Musah presented a bill on amending the Election Law in order to reduce the voting age from 21 years old to 18. He said Law Number 35/1962 on electing National Assembly members deprives a numb... January 17, 2017 1026 Category: Kuwait