MP Al Enizi Calls For Amending Article 42
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Pushing for the parliamentary directive to rectify retirement policies in the country, MP Askar Al-Enizi submitted a proposal to amend Article 42 of Handicapped Rights Law No. 8/2010 in order to allow female employees taking care of disabled persons to retire after 10 years in service with full pension.

Article One of the bill stipulates that individuals who are legally in charge of persons with moderate to severe disabilities are exempted from the provisions of the Social Insurance Law and Military Pensions Law; thereby, granting them the right to retire with pension equivalent to 100 percent of the salary after 20 years in service for males and 10 years for females.

This is in accordance with regulations laid down by the Public Authority for Handicapped Affairs (PAHA) in collaboration with the Public Institution for Social Security (PIFFS). Furthermore, MP Naif Al-Merdas asserted in a seminar titled, “Early Retirement between Readings,” that the Early Retirement Bill which the National Assembly approved in its first reading will be beneficial to the general public.

The seminar was aimed at refuting statements against the bill. Minister of Finance Naif Al-Hajraf attributed these criticisms to inaccurate information given to the public. He affirmed tremendous effort was exerted to compose the bill which serves a large number of retirees, while safeguarding the PIFFS – “an institution owned by the general public, not a minister or MP.” Addressing some of the misconceptions, Al-Merdaas clarified it is untrue that the closest kin of a deceased retiree should report to the PIFFS within one month after the retiree’s death; or else, the right to receive pension will be cancelled.

He said the bill also stipulates that an employee will not be referred for retirement unless he requests for it or agrees to it, while the retirement loan was increased to seven times the pension to be paid in monthly installments not exceeding 25 percent of the pension.

On the other hand, MP Ali Al-Deqbasi pointed out the current form of the bill is not what he hoped for; but it is an ongoing process toward a comprehensive structure considering the country needs legislative amendments. He affirmed women will benefit from this bill which placed them on equal footing with men, yet some people seem keen on criticizing the bill from a political standpoint without technical weight.



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