MP Submitted A Bill Amending Article 14 Of The Housing Law For Divorced Men
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MP Adel Al-Damkhi submitted a bill amending Article 14 of the Housing Law which invalidates the housing request of an applicant if he is divorced.

The MP explained that it is unjust to cancel a housing application just because the marriage has failed.

Therefore, the proposed amendment cancels this condition in order to maintain the validity of a housing grant application even if the applicant’s marital status changes.

He said it is important that such an application remains valid even if the ex-couple do not have children. He argued the existing condition violates several articles of the Constitution, stressing that the State should ensure validity of the application until a family is formed. He reiterated the application should not be canceled and the waiting period should not be re-scheduled just because the applicant got divorced.



27 Sep, 2019 223
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