‘sixties’ Work Permit Renewal File Remains Unresolved, No Decision In Sight

04 December 2021 Events

The New Year is just around the corner and one full year will have passed since the decision was implemented to stop the renewal of work permits of non-graduate expatriates 60 years and above.

Al-Seyassah says despite the tendency to amend the decision since the second month of its implementation, and despite a number of proposals being floated in favor and against the decision over the past several months, the government indecision has poured cold water over all efforts to put at rest this issue.

Reliable sources said after the blessings from several quarters and what looked like an imminent decision was in the offing following rumors the concerned authority and the Board of Directors of the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) had proposed 500 dinars fee for renewal and an equal amount in private health insurance, the ‘decision-making system’ has failed to come to a conclusion.

Sources added, there is supposed to be a legal advisor in the PAM board of directors to plug loopholes in the decisions, if any, to prevent legal hassles in future, and this is what the officials did by seeking the advice of the Fatwa and Legislation Department of the Council of Ministers but the issue has remained unresolved.

The sources said even after some of those affected by the decision were willing to pay the mentioned amount, PAM has refused give the green light citing lack of clear mechanism.

The sources say the file will continue to collect dust until after the formation of the new government, and certainly the decision will not go unnoticed, but will be subjected to the desire and mechanism of the new minister supposedly at the beginning of the New Year or even after ‘a period of time’.





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