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I have a friend of mine who went for good and was not able to sell his SUV (car) as he did not have mush time to do it because he was hospitalized before his flight. The registration will expire in February 2018. He left the car with me.

What are my options in this case? Or How will I be able to sell the car if the ownership was not transferred to me and the car is still under his name? Please note that he will not be able to make some authorization papers as well, as he is still confined in the hospital in his home country due to his serious sickness.


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Answer: We are sorry but there are no other options for you with regard to the car. The only option for you in this case is to get the authorization paper from your friend indicating the mode of disposal of the car.

In this case you can only pray and hope that he recovers fast enough to send the authorization papers to you before the expiry of the registration date.



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