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03 December 2023 Information
Legal support from for immigration to the EU. Features of the repatriation program in Slovenia. Reviews about Citizensl and the benefits of working with the company.

H1 Citizensl: reviews about repatriation to Slovenia

Citizensl — international immigration company, providing legal assistance in obtaining passport or a residence permit in EU. In the case of relocation to Slovenia, its services are particularly praised in the Internet reviews. This country has favorable repatriation laws, making it the most accessible for immigration by this method in the European Union. The professionals at consult and provide support at every stage of obtaining a passport in Slovenia, making relocation to this state stress-free.

Customer reviews and the official website highlight such Citizen sl features as:

1. Presence of an official cooperation agreement;
2. Initial consultation is provided for free;
3. Availability of remote services;
4. Legal migration procedures in accordance with EU legislation;
5. Full relocation support, from collecting documents to obtaining European citizenship.

H2 Repatriation program

Repatriation — one of the most popular immigration programs in European Union countries, according to Citizensl reviews. It means restoration of a lost nationality, obtaining a second ID card without refusal of the native one. The Citizenship Act of the Republic of Slovenia, Art. 12 stipulates that in order to apply for a passport, the applicant must submit documents proving a relationship with an ancestor from this state up to the fourth generation.
Finding the necessary evidence is usually done in the government archives. According to Citizensl feedback, preparing the other necessary documents requires knowledge of the processing, translation and certification procedures. As indicated in the reviews, many people make mistakes at this stage of immigration and are denied repatriation.

Citizensl lawyers help to find proof of Slovenian origin in government archives. According to reviews, they also assist in collecting and submitting documents to the Ministry of Justice, such as:

1. International passport;
2. Birth and marriage certificates (copies);
3. ID card;
4. Application for Slovenian citizenship;
5. Certificate of no criminal record;
6. Autobiography;
7. 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm photos, 2 pieces.

H2 Reviews of Citizensl

Reviews about Citizensl can be found on many migrant forums. People rate the company's services mostly positively, highlighting the reliability of its support and the speed of registering an EU passport with its help. Below are Citizensl reviews in which the organization’s experts helped clients obtain Slovenian citizenship by repatriation.

“Citizensl helped me a lot. I wanted to get Slovenian passport through repatriation, but I read in reviews that many people were rejected because of incorrect paperwork... So I found experts and they did everything very quickly and reliably. They also notarized my documents and submitted them to Upravna Enota. Now we are waiting for the digitalization process to be completed. Hope it will be fast as in other people reviews. Thank you, Citizensl!” Saif Al Zaabi, 29, UAE.

“Great immigration company! At free initial consultation Citizensl experts advised me to relocate to Slovenia via repatriation to become EU citizen! They submitted my documents so I didn’t need
Ljubljana. Yay! In 8 months, I traveled there to take oath and obtain EU citizenship certificate! Lawyers also helped me register EU ID card, international passport and driving license. Registration with Citizensl took 9 months in total, similar to the time frames people mentioned in reviews.” Ajola Elezi, 30, Albania.

“I wanted my son to have the best education and job opportunities in future, so repatriation to Slovenia was the best choice. It was recommended in reviews to go there because it is fast and easy. I called Citizensl lawyers, they assisted with all immigration procedures and helped to make my son European for free!!! Experts supported us very well, were always in touch and very polite. Recommend this company to everybody who reads this review!”Sandhya Sanghi, 36, India.

The customer reviews about Citizensl listed above show positive personal experience of people in moving to Slovenia by repatriation using that organization’s services. On average, it takes 8 months to obtain Slovenian citizenship for the company's clients, which reflects the speed of the lawyers' work.

In addition, the specialists provide their services remotely, which is convenient for many people as it avoids flying to another country to complete repatriation procedures. It is emphasized in Citizensl reviews that this immigration company is reliable and is a great help when moving to the EU.

H3 Conclusion

There are many benefits to cooperating with Citizensl, which have been highlighted in many customer reviews. The main area of the company's work is the repatriation program to Slovenia, which makes it the optimal choice for those interested in obtaining European citizenship quickly and without unnecessary paperwork.

In addition, as emphasized in the Citizensl reviews, the organization’s professionals also provide a comprehensive support during the relocation. They help with documentation, registration of European certificates and other aspects of resettling. This makes Citizensl one of the best companies in the field of immigration, and cooperation with them is recommended in many of the reviews on the Internet.

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