Ramadan Gets Own Twitter Emoji, Hashtag
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Twitter and Periscope have launched new hashtag emojis dedicated to the month of Ramadan, which comes in the form of a crescent moon with a mosque.

On Twitter’s official Middle East account, it had earlier tweeted: “To help people around the world celebrate the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, we’re launching several initiatives to make Twitter more fun and useful every day during Ramadan.”

Describing the new feature on Periscope, it said: “Add any of the hashtags below to the title of your broadcast, then when people tap the screen, the hearts will transform into crescent moons. “This is Periscope’s first-ever custom heart designed for Ramadan.”

Social media users that used the hashtags #Ramadan, #Ramazan, #Ramadhan, as well as those tweeting in the Arabic script, will see the new emojis. The emojis are not limited to Ramadan greetings alone, as they also include the topics #Azan, #Azaan, #Iftar, #Iftaari, #Namaz, #RamadanKareem, among others.

The Malaysian and Indonesian greetings for Ramadan, like #BulanPuasa, #BukanPuasa, #Puasa and #Sahur will also see the Ramadan emoji appear. 

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