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Iftar At Rotana's Kuwait Global Sales Office For Ramadan On Monday, April 25th, 2022, Rotana, one of the region's major hotel management businesses with 112 locations spanning the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, and Turkey, presented a unique Iftar... May 12, 2022 125 Category: Kuwait
Ramadan's First 15 Days Saw More Than 6,000 Traffic Accidents During the first 15 days of Ramadan, Kuwait experienced more than 5,959 traffic accidents, an average of 400 per day. It is reported in the Al Rai newspaper that 3,034 accidents happened before the... April 23, 2022 121 Category: Crime News
Kuwait's Domestic Workers Are Unhappy Domestic worker shortages have been a source of contention, obsession, and headache for Kuwaiti families prior to the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic and during Ramadan, because in most cases, workers... April 23, 2022 1877 Category: Kuwait
During Ramadan, MOI Records 397 Traffic Accidents Per Day On the call to Maghreb prayer, when everyone is busy breaking their fast under one roof with their loved ones, the men in uniforms, whether they are patrolling highways, fixing security points, or mon... April 21, 2022 223 Category: Crime News
MoI Says Ramadan Security Measures Are In Full Swing According to the Ministry of Interior, Kuwaiti security forces are preparing for the last 10 days of Ramadan with vital security and traffic measures and preparations. The ministry's security m... April 21, 2022 99 Category: Kuwait
Security Preparations By MoI For The Final Ten Days Of Ramadan Have Been Completed Accordingly, the Ministry of Interior has completed its security arrangements as well as its traffic control arrangements for the last ten days of Ramadan. As instructed by First Deputy Prime Minis... April 20, 2022 158 Category: Ramadan
An Anti-smoking And Cancer Control Fund Will Help 5,000 Patients Jamal Al-Saleh, Director of the Kuwait Society for Combating Smoking and Cancer's Cancer Patients Fund, said that since its inception in 1994, the fund has offered material and in-kind help to 5,0... April 20, 2022 48 Category: Kuwait
Ramadan: 133 Violations Of Collecting Donations During a campaign from the beginning of Ramadan, the Ministry of Social Affairs said several violations were uncovered, including the collection of donations without permission from the authority. ... April 19, 2022 116 Category: Ramadan
Beggars Arrested For Begging During Ramadan As the holy month of Ramadan approaches, an increasing number of Muslims are imprisoned for abusing the holy month by begging for money. A number of Arab and Asian ex-pats were arrested on Wednesda... April 14, 2022 195 Category: Ramadan
Ramadan Umrah Will Cost 700 Dinars Per Person The number of flights from Kuwait to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah in the Holy Land has increased, coinciding with the holy month of Ramadan, with the expectation of an increase in the number of trave... April 11, 2022 406 Category: Ramadan
Oman: Muslims Breaking Fast In Public During The Day In Ramadan Can Face Jail Time And Fines Omani media reported that any Muslim found publicly breaking their fast during the day during Ramadan will be jailed and/or fined. Those who break their fast during Ramadan without a legitimate rea... April 07, 2022 458 Category: Ramadan
In Kuwait, The Average Fasting Hour Is 15 Hours This year's Ramadan, the average length of fasting hours in a day in Kuwait is around 15 hours. In the month of Ramadan, the number of fasting hours varies by country, depending on the length of t... April 06, 2022 151 Category: Ramadan
It Is The Month Of Ramadan, A Time For Spirituality And Social Connections I have spent the past two Ramadans in social isolation in an attempt to observe health restrictions and prevent the spread of viruses. With the health situation on the mend, this Ramadan has returned ... April 05, 2022 130 Category: Ramadan
More Than 7,000 Vaccinations In Three Days Over the past three days, 7,000 people and residents have received Covid-19 immunizations at vaccination centers at the Mishref Fairgrounds, primary health care centers, Jleeb Youth Center, and Sheikh... April 05, 2022 195 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait's Social, Economic Life Returns To Normal In Ramadhan After two years of lockdowns and curfews due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Ramadhan this year seemed to have returned to normal, as people returned to gatherings and to normal shopping after a two-year... April 04, 2022 134 Category: Kuwait
During Ramadan, 300 Traffic And Security Patrols Will Be On Duty Ramadan traffic plan, which started on Ramadan's first day, has been announced by the General Traffic Department. It is divided into two parts. According to a local Arabic daily, the first part... April 04, 2022 152 Category: Ramadan
Most Government Employees Maintained Schedules During Ramadan Despite Overcrowding Kuwait's roadways experienced a seasonal traffic congestion typical of every occasion and event on the first day of Ramadan, as impatient motorists patiently crawled their way to their destination... April 04, 2022 115 Category: Ramadan
Lectures Will Be Offered Online By The University Council As a result of a consensus from Kuwait University Council, lectures will be held online (distance learning) during the month of Ramadan. Over the Ramadan month, those attending lectures in the even... April 03, 2022 128 Category: Education
Long-standing Tradition Marking Holy Ramadan... Iftar Canon Children gather at Qasr Naif during Ramadan to witness the firing of the iftar canons to set the fast in motion. This has been a tradition handed down from generation to generation. It is Kuwait... April 03, 2022 146 Category: Ramadan
During Ramadan, The Awqaf Will Collect Money From Mosques, But Only Via KNet The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs has given its approval to the Ministry of Social Affairs' proposal to collect donations at mosques during Ramadan. According to an administrative circu... April 02, 2022 72 Category: Kuwait
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