New Academic Study Revealed Parents Facing Tough Times In Era Of E-tech
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A new academic study revealed that the guardians in the country are facing much negativity when their children deal with the new e-technology, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The negativity includes the fearing of spending long time in front of screen, wastage of time and children more than studying are communicating with friends in the social media and as a matter of even the sleeping hours have been drastically reduced.

The study which was carried out by Professor of Childhood at the Faculty of Education of the Kuwait University Dr Laila Al- Khayat involving 286 guardians affirmed that the male children are more prone to exposure to the negativities of YouTube than female children. The guardians said watching YouTube was more responsible for the negative role which has led to a change in social values.

On the other side, the study affirmed that there are positive effects that may refl ect upon the children from watching YouTube such as helping them to learn new information and learn about the culture of other societies.



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