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Bedoun Child, Parents Issued Passports After learning of the condition of the bedoun child Barak Hussein Al-Shammari the General Administration of Nationality and Travel Documents upon instructions of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of ... December 04, 2021 320 Category: Kuwait
Failure By Parents To Monitor Their Children Leads To Dire Consequences Including Their Future After the security campaigns caught many juveniles driving cars without a license, the future of these juveniles looks bleak because it will have a bearing on them when they want to enroll in any of t... October 30, 2021 597 Category: Kuwait
Vaccination Program For Students; Parents Asked To Register Children Spokesperson of the Ministry of Health Dr. Abdullah Al-Sanad announced the vaccination of 10,403 male and female students, as part of the periodic vaccination program for school students for three gra... April 11, 2021 913 Category: Coronavirus
Parents Demanding ‘opening’ Of Private Schools For Integrated Mode Of Teaching Several parents recently met with acting Director of the Special Education Department at the Ministry of Education (MoE) Dr Salman Al-Lafi; during which they handed over an official letter demanding t... March 31, 2021 451 Category: Kuwait
Parents Urged To Cooperate With Teachers During Online Classes Ministry of Education has called on parents to cooperate with school administrations for the benefit of students, especially in light of the current exceptional circumstances, in carrying out the dist... October 22, 2020 561 Category: Education
Supreme Council For The Implementation Of Distance Education Rules And Policies: Parents' Participation Will Not Go Beyond Monitoring The Performance Of Their Young Children The Supreme Committee for the Application of Distance Education Rules and Policies for the educational stages starting from kindergarten to the secondary stage for the 2020-2021 academic year held the... September 26, 2020 455 Category: Education
Parents Will Be Allowed To Monitor Children Studying Online, Say Firms Telecommunication companies have adopted a fl exible work policy for parents in order to allow them to monitor their children while studying online, reports Al-Anba daily quoting sources from the tele... September 22, 2020 394 Category: Education
E-learning Puts Parents In Difficult Situation Parents have been enduring psychologically and financially amid the implementation of Ministry of Education’s “Distance Learning” project as they cannot find time to help their child... September 12, 2020 488 Category: Education
Sacrifices Parents Have To Make For Their Children’s Distance Education Parents are returning to school, while mothers leave their jobs to keep up with their children… This is how learning from home forces parents to watch their children, especially children studyi... September 01, 2020 603 Category: Education
MoE’s Decision On Disabled Students Draws Resentment The decision of the Ministry of Education represented by the Private and Model Education Sector not to allow the educational process to be conducted for people with disabilities through distance educa... August 26, 2020 825 Category: Education
Parents Sweat Out For Newborns Birth Certificate The Births and Deaths office in Maidan Hawally, Al Sabah and Al Jahra witnessed a large crowd of parents who had come to obtain birth certificates for children born during the lock down period. The... July 01, 2020 1009 Category: Lockdown
Parents Cautioned As Children In Kuwait Said To Face Sexual Blackmail Via E-games After some parents revealed that their children have been subjected to sexual blackmail and incited into immoral acts, voices specialized in technological science called for vigilance among parents in... June 10, 2020 930 Category: Kuwait
Combined Salary To Sponsor Parents On Visit Visa With regard to the new rule for visit visa for parents, we are aware of the minimum KD 500 salary requirement. I and my wife both work in Kuwait with a salary cap of KD 450 and KD 270 respectively as ... February 24, 2020 797 Category: Visit Visa
Age Limit For Parents Visit Visa I am planning to bring my parents from India on a visitor’s visa for 1 month and both are aged 78 years and I am a doctor working in a private sector, is there a age limit to bring my parents. ... February 17, 2020 1599 Category: Visit Visa
Children Are The Real Victims Of Their Parents Separation Between “stubbornness” and “social communication media”, families are lost under the pretext of meanness, neglect and lack of self-care, leading to broken homes. For other reas... February 17, 2020 639 Category: Kuwait
Getting Parents On 3 Months Visit Visa When Wife Is Pregnant I am staying in Kuwait on a dependent visa of my husband for a year, now I am pregnant and I want parents to come and stay with me for my delivery. Is it possible to get 3 months visa for them to stay... December 11, 2019 5964 Category: Legal
Transferring Both Parents Visit Visa To Dependent Visa Can you please confirm if we can transfer parents coming on visit visa to dependent visa. My parents are on visit visa sponsored by my wife (She is working in MOH as a Staff Nurse). Can we change the ... November 19, 2019 10437 Category: Dependent Visa
No Issue Of Age Limit For Parents Visit Visa Is the criteria age limit for parents visit visa still exit? I went today to Hawalli Jawazat to apply for my parents visit visa, they asked me to get signature from Farwaniya governorate as my dad was... October 22, 2019 2317 Category: Visit Visa
No More Dependent Visa ( Visa 22) for Expats Parents The General Department of Residence Affairs has issued a decision according to which the children can no longer sponsor their parents to reside in the country but they can sponsor them for visit, repo... October 21, 2019 4296 Category: Dependent Visa
Age Restrictions For Visit Visa Of Parents I am working in KNPC Kuwait, my salary is KD 1050 per month, my father’s birth-date is Dec 26, 1953 and mother’s birth-date is May 9, 1961. I want to apply for a visit visa for them. How m... October 20, 2019 20055 Category: Visit Visa
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