Michelin Launched Cash Back Offers For Customers In Kuwait
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The French tire maker Michelin, with its extensive brand portfolio for all market segments, launched a new cash back offer for customers in Kuwait with their exclusive distributor KAICO (AlShaya and AlSagar). 

Whether it is Passenger cars light trucks or two wheelers, Michelin tires offers each customer the right performance at the right price. Its exclusive distributor in Kuwait KAICO, in its four branches across of Tire plus showrooms, offers customers a 35 kd cash back when buying four Michelin Tires and 15 KD cash back when buying 2 Michelin Tires. The Tire plus showrooms are located at Shuwaikh, Jahara and Ahamadi.

Michelin tires are tested in 350 different fields around the world. Michelin labs care about sustainability so they reduced the rolling resistance of tires by 50 % to enhance fuel efficiency, and they are working now on the 5th generation of green tires that aims to improve fuel economy by at least 2 %. Today Michelin has 68 production units in 17 different countries. 



28 Apr, 2016 1259
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