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Exchange Companies Are Not Allowed To Deposit Cash At Banks Local banks have recently refused to accept deposit cash from exchange companies, leaving the latter unsure how to dispose of the cash collected at a time when banks have become strict in accepting ca... February 08, 2022 583 Category: Currency and Exchange
Bedoun Held With Drugs, Ammunition And Cash The Criminal Security Sector of the Ministry of Interior has arrested a bedoun with 10 kilos of hashish, psychotropic substances and bullets, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily added, the arrest came aft... December 31, 2021 314 Category: Crime News
Unpaid Expat Gets Cash Exceeding His One Year Salary From Kuwaitis, MPs A large number of citizens visited the school where the alleged oppressed security guard works, and gave him sums of money which exceeded the money owed to him by the company. It is said one of the Ku... April 21, 2021 952 Category: Expats
Lebanese Woman Mugged By Gang Of Five, Cash Withdrawn From Bank Snatched Personnel from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) have arrested five young men of different nationalities for assaulting and robbing an unidentified Lebanese woman after she withdrew money fr... December 14, 2020 567 Category: Crime News
CBK Bans Exchange Companies From Importing Cash In Cartons According to informed sources, the Central Bank of Kuwait has shown extra concern towards the movement of funds outside the banking system, either between individuals and exchange companies, or betwee... December 10, 2020 747 Category: Business
Manager Steals Cash; Family Held Hostage Al-Jahra police have arrested an unidentified Kuwaiti who turned boisterous after consuming drugs inside his home in a suburb of Saad Al-Abdullah and threatened his family. According to security sourc... November 25, 2020 491 Category: Crime News
Indian Robbed – Cash Withdrawn Despite ATM Card In Wallet   An unidentified Indian has filed a complaint with the Naeem Police Station accusing an unidentified person of stealing 210 dinars from his bank account, reports Al-Anba daily. In hi... November 11, 2020 896 Category: Automotive
Cash Given For Patients Director General of the Patients Helping Fund Society Jamal Al- Fawzan recently handed over a check for KD 188,000 to Farwaniya Hospital Director Dr Muhammad Al-Barrak, in the presence of Accounting D... October 25, 2020 413 Category: Information
A Big Shift From Cash Payment To Electronic Payment, Says K-Net Statistics The value of monthly electronic payments in Kuwait by the citizen and residents jumped by 25 percent to reach KD 2 billion compared to their levels during January and February when it was about KD 1.6... September 23, 2020 473 Category: Information
Kuwait Said Running Out Of Cash – Budget Deficit To Touch $46 Billion This Year When Kuwait’s then- Finance Minister Anas Al-Saleh warned in 2016 that it was time to cut spending and prepare for life after oil, he was ridiculed by a population raised on a seemingly endless ... September 03, 2020 549 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait To Transfer 2b Dinars To General Reserve Fund Kuwait’s Ministry of Finance is preparing to transfer 2.05 billion Kuwaiti dinar in liquid cash after the parliament approved a law limiting the transfer of state funds to the Future Generations... August 23, 2020 1011 Category: Economics
MoFA Probes ‘cash’ Video Clip, Photos The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has started investigations into the video clip and photos, which went viral on social media recently, wherein a person is seen displaying cash in a car while holding a ... July 25, 2020 544 Category: Crime News
Shop Owners, Markets Failed To Cash In On What They Lost During The Lockdown Period The hopes of many shop owners and popular markets have evaporated in thin air as they were believing they could compensate the losses for what they lost during the lockdown period which was necessitat... July 15, 2020 1000 Category: Kuwait
Duo Arrested With Liquor And Cash wo Asian expatriates were arrested who were found with locally distilled bottles of alcohol as well as money earned by selling these bottles as per the detainees. Sources said that one of the Ahmad... July 13, 2020 616 Category: Crime News
Bank Cards Become An Alternative To ‘cash’ For Government Services Ministry of Finance plays a remarkable role in developing the scheme of collecting fees for government services through nonstop development plan pertaining to the financial stamp system, reports Al-Ra... February 02, 2020 473 Category: Business
Bangladeshi Robbed Of Cash By Trio Film Style Police are looking for three unidentified persons for stealing 1,350 dinars from a Bangladeshi, reports Al-Rai daily. According to the complainant he was driving in Fintas and another vehicle colli... December 11, 2019 431 Category: Crime News
UK Court Rejected Al-Raja’an Request For Cash, Property The British High Court has rejected former Director General of Public Institution for Social Security Fahd Al-Raja’an’s request for the return of a large part of his properties and financi... November 14, 2019 309 Category: Kuwait
Home Delivery Man Intercepted On Road And Robbed Of Cash, Food An unidentified home delivery man working for a restaurant has filed a complaint with the police accusing two men of intercepting him while on his way to deliver food and robbing him of money and food... October 04, 2019 567 Category: Crime News
Kuwait Investment Authority Said To Tweak Sovereign Fund For Bonds And Cash The Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA) began increasing its exposure to bonds and cash two years ago to boost liquidity in its portfolio as the global economy showed signs of weakness, Kuwaiti newspape... August 19, 2019 282 Category: Business
Billions Of Charity Cash Stolen As head of a civil and unique charity, I agree completely with the distinguished MP Ahmad Al-Fadhel and the conscientious objectors to the proposed charity law. Many of the proposed articles have been... May 15, 2019 337 Category: Opinion
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