Loophole In Indemnity Law If Less Than Kd 5,000

15 December 2019 Indemnity

Attorney Ahmad Al-Mutawa affirmed that loopholes in law no.6/2010 put laborers in a quandary while filing lawsuits related to their indemnities, especially if the sum is below KD 5,000, reports Al-Rai daily.

Al-Mutawa pointed out that a laborer, under the above mentioned law, is allowed to file lawsuit with the First Instance Court, and if the verdict is not in his favor or he’s dissatisfied with the ruling, an appeal can be made.

“However, such cases are dismissed by the Court of Appeals when the sum of indemnity is less than KD 5,000”, he added.

He insisted the law requires amendment, especially as the majority of labors are entitled to indemnities below KD 5,000.

He explained that Articles 35 and 37 of the law violate Article 166 of the Constitution, which grants litigation rights to all members of the society while Article 29 of the Constitution stipulates equality among members of society- in terms of human rights, dignity, duties and right.



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