MP Concern On Price Rise During The Holy Month Of Ramadan
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MPs voiced concern and dissatisfaction over the government for disregarding the rising prices of commodities during the Holy Month of Ramadan, urging Minister of Commerce and Industry Khalid Al-Roudan to stop what they described as “greed of merchants.”


MP Mubarak Al-Hurais stressed the need for the minister to put pressure on the Consumers Protection Department and grant authority to the department to stand against merchants who take advantage of the holy month in order to earn higher profits.

He said the minister is responsible for the issue as he has the power to prevent the price increase. He pointed out this issue emerges every year – starting from the last week leading to Ramadan, making it a custom for merchants to increase prices during this period. He called on the minister to enact Consumer Protection Law No. 39/2014 and inform the public about every step taken by the ministry and other concerned authorities in solving this issue permanently.

MP Askar Al-Enizi asserted the price increase during Ramadan adds to the burdens of families that are already suffering financially. He wonders why the government remains silent over the issue despite the parliamentary calls to solve the problem. He inquired about the steps being taken by the government to address the issue, number and type of violations registered in Ramadan last year, and action taken against those proven to have violated regulat

12 May, 2019 311
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