Hammad Calls For The Continuation Of The Citizens Loan Installments To Be Postponed For An Additional 6 Months
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Deputy Saadoun Hammad Al-Otaibi called on His Highness the Prime Minister to continue to postpone all loan installments to citizens for an additional six months, after the approaching end of the six-month period granted to postpone installments for citizens and given the lack of indications that the emerging corona virus pandemic (Covid 19) has ended at the present time. In addition to the noticeable increase in the number of declared daily infections, whether local or global, and the announcement of many countries of the world to enter the second phase of that pandemic.

Hammad added: We see at the present time the necessity to extend this period for an additional six months, in order to reduce the financial burden on citizens, especially in light of the effects of the measures to combat the Corona virus, and the exceptional situations that the country is going through, whose negative effects have been reflected on the economic, financial and social life. And this crisis continues.



20 Sep, 2020 835
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