Driving Licence – Change Of Designation From Inspection Officer To Mechanical Engineer
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I took Kuwait driving licence by changing UAE licence on 2015. My visa status was ‘mufathish’ (inspector) and basic salary KD 750. Basically I am a mechanical engineer and could get new job in other organizations with engineer visa. The offered basic is KD 700, so I would like know if I have any problems like licence cancellation if I change inspector visa to engineer visa. I am looking forward your reply.

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Answer: We don’t think you will have any problem with regard to your driving licence with the visa status changed from ‘inspector’ to ‘engineer’: even though your salary is reduced from KD 750 to KD 700, it is still above the minimum KD 600 a month salary requirement for applying for a driving licence. In addition, engineers are among a number of professions who can apply for exemption if they didn’t meet any of the requirements needed to be granted a driving licence.



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