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Teachers, Journalist & Doctors Designations Linked With Their Qualification The Public Authority for Manpower has begun checking educational qualifications of expat workers who wish to renew or transfer their work work permits. 9 main titles under which 34 new titles have bee... January 20, 2021 306 Category: Kuwait
Designation For Driving License I need advice to apply for a driving licence. My current designation is salesman, my salary is KD 600 in my work permit. I have done bachelor’s degree, I have attested the degree certificate, my... January 11, 2020 1887 Category: Driving License
Driving License Cancelled Due To Change Is Designation I took my driving licence on August 2019 with my designation as “Mandoub Mubaiyath” (sales representative) with KD 650 as salary in work permit. Now I have changed my iqama to new company ... December 26, 2019 5588 Category: Driving License
Engineer Changing Designation To Keep Driving License I took my licence 2 years ago on engineer visa. After one year I changed my company and they put my designation as driver. When it was changed I went to Asma Muroor and unblocked it. But now again com... November 05, 2019 7729 Category: Driving License
Change In Designation – Will My Driving License Renewed/Cancelled? Hello, my license was issued in 2016 and the title is ‘muazzif istakbal’ now i am moving to another company where the title is going to be ‘mushirf baya- sales supervisor’ the ... September 17, 2019 4450 Category: Driving License
Changing Designation From Supervisor To Engineer I came to Kuwait one year ago with supervisor designation on Visa 18. I have engineer degree. I would like to know if my designation could change from supervisor to engineer (holding KSE NOC) in the s... August 10, 2019 3091 Category: Kuwait Society of Engineers
Engineer Wants To Change Designation Due To KSE NOC Issue I have been working as an engineer in Kuwait since November 2015. I got driving licence in April 2016 valid till April 2020. My current salary is KD 650. My residency expires in November 2019. Because... August 04, 2019 2146 Category: Kuwait Society of Engineers
Driving License Of An Engineer After Designation Change I’m an engineer working in Kuwait since 2013 on engineer visa; my licence issued in 2014 expires in 2024. But in MoI site the licence shows as expiring in Jan 2020. Last year my designation chan... May 21, 2019 1716 Category: Driving License
Engineers Loosing Driving License Due To Designation Change I took my driving licence in October 2015. During that time till this year my designation was communication engineer. Due to the NBA issue I couldn’t get an NOC from KSE. Last week my designatio... November 21, 2018 501 Category: Driving License
Designation Change From Accountant To Senior Accountant – Will It Have Effect On Driving Licence I have changed my job from accountant to senior accountant. The same is mentioned in my inziamal from “muhasib” to “muhasib awwal altaqareer almaliya” Will this disallow me to ... November 20, 2018 530 Category: Driving License
An Engineer Lost Driving Licence In Designation Change Process – Want To Reapply For New Driving Licence I have been working as a mechanical engineer and hold a driving licence, which is valid up to December 2019. However, I changed my company recently and driving licence got cancelled due to designation... September 09, 2018 750 Category: Driving License
Driving Licence – Change Of Designation From Inspection Officer To Mechanical Engineer I took Kuwait driving licence by changing UAE licence on 2015. My visa status was ‘mufathish’ (inspector) and basic salary KD 750. Basically I am a mechanical engineer and could get new jo... September 03, 2018 742 Category: Driving License
Designation Change From Computer Engineer To Driver – Will I Loose My Driving Licence My driving licence was issued based on the designation ‘computer engineer’. But after getting licence now I got job opportunity in another company and new company didn’t have enginee... August 06, 2018 794 Category: Driving License
Engineer – Change In Designation Driving Licence Cancelled How To Retain Licence Back I have been working as an engineer in a company in Kuwait since July 2016. I got driving licence in May 2017 valid till May 2019. My salary is KD 650. My residency will expire in August 2018. Now my c... August 05, 2018 1626 Category: Driving License
Am I Eligible For A Driving Licence I want to know if I am eligible for a driving licence? My details are as follows. 1. Salary on the work permit is KD 600. 2. I am a post graduate in commerce and my degree certificate is atteste... July 07, 2018 1084 Category: Driving License
Driving Licence Renewal For An Engineer My driving licence was first issued in 1999 and renewed again in 2009. It is up for renewal in 2019. I am an engineer and my licence has been issued for the same post. I would like to know when I rene... June 13, 2018 783 Category: Driving License
Driving License Issue – From Engineer To Supervisor Designation I have obtained driving license on the basis of Engineer profession and salary KD 550. If I well change my designation to supervisor, will it lead to the cancellation of driving license even though I ... May 27, 2018 1525 Category: Driving License
NOC Rejected By KSE – Shoun Rejected Change In Designation Due to the recent change in rule for renewing the residence visa of engineers I am not able to obtain an NOC from Kuwait Society of Engineers. Hence my company has tried to change my designation from ... May 17, 2018 2235 Category: Kuwait Society of Engineers
Driving License Cancellation On Designation Basis Hi! I just want to know if my driving licence will be cancelled if I change my profession. I was a phlebotomist in the hospital laboratory earning KD 335. Now I will move to a new company as laborator... April 25, 2018 1754 Category: Driving License
Designation Change From Engineers Visa To Affect Renewal Of Driving License My visa is going to expire on Dec 18 & My Driving license on Feb 19. My Visa is Engineers’ visa. Now due to these new rules related to engineer visa, if there is some problem & in my vis... April 12, 2018 2454 Category: Driving License
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