Court Acquitted A Citizen Who Was Accused In Swindling His Female Compatriot
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The Misdemeanor Court, presided over by Judge Sulaiman Al-Mudhiyan, acquitted a male citizen of swindling his female compatriot to the tune of KD 29,000. Details of the case revealed that the complainant got to know about the accused in 2012 who introduced himself to her as a trader of spare parts and that he imports car spare parts from abroad and that he belongs to a renowned trading family in Kuwait. The relationship between them continued and the accused convinced the complainant to do business with him so she invested KD 29,000. When the accused received the money, he expropriated it and the complainant came to know a year later that the accused lied about his family roots. During investigations, the accused denied the woman’s claims but confessed that he received the money and soon gave it back saying his business was genuine. He added the complainant was looking forward to get married with him but he refused. Defense counsel, Attorney Bashar Al-Nassar, called for dismissal of the case citing delay in reporting (case reported in 2014). He said the accusations are not true pointing to malicious accusations by the complainant. He affirmed there was no incriminating evidence against his client. He also highlighted that investigations by detectives led to nothing, a matter which prompted the court to acquit the accused.



11 Aug, 2017 474
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