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A man was arrested for beating an elderly person in a shop The Ahmadi Security officials were successful in apprehending a citizen who had beaten an elderly woman inside a shop. A video of someone assaulting an elderly man inside a store went viral earlier, ... April 13, 2022 460 Category: Crime News
Taking Action Against Vehicles Parked On Sidewalks According to the Public Security Media Department, the traffic and operations sector handled with a citizen's social media complaint about vehicles parking on sidewalks. Several vehicles are parke... March 20, 2022 406 Category: Kuwait
The Liberation Tower Exhibition Attracted 14,000 Visitors During the month of February, when the Liberation Tower reopened to the general public after a long period of closure, approximately 14,000 visitors, including citizens, residents, and members of the ... March 09, 2022 221 Category: Information
From Sunday, The Department Of State Will Accept Applications For Article 17 Passports According to the Al-Rai newspaper, the General Department of Kuwaiti Nationality and Travel Documents will begin accepting applications for Article 17 passports (temporary passports) granted to statel... February 10, 2022 420 Category: Kuwait
Increase In Number Of Kuwaiti Citizen Opting To Work In Private Sector The number of Kuwaiti citizen opting to work is increasing as 53.2% of the total number of job seekers this year expressed their wish to join private sector, local Arabic daily Al-Qabas reported. A... October 26, 2021 348 Category: Kuwait
Citizen Died As Flying Manhole Cover Hits Vehicle A 19-year-old Kuwaiti citizen, Ali Al Balushi, was killed by a flying manhole cover on Fahaheel road today. He suffered fatal injuries when the metal cover of the manhole crashed through his windshiel... October 12, 2021 3011 Category: Kuwait
Interior Minister Hosts Citizen With Issues Kuwait’s Interior Minister Sheikh Thamer Ali Al-Sabah affirmed on Monday that the ministry will continue its “open door” policy in accepting complaints from citizens and finding the ... July 06, 2021 514 Category: Kuwait
Citizen, Resident Imprisoned For Money Laundering The Criminal Court yesterday gave the new ruling on the sale of fake chalets in the Al-Khairan area with the intention of money laundering. A Kuwaiti businessman was sentenced to 2 years in prison whi... January 26, 2021 418 Category: Crime News
Citizen and 6 year old Syrian child died in two separate traffic accidents Yesterday evening, a citizen and a 6-year-old Syrian child were killed in two separate traffic accidents that occurred on the Sixth Ring Road and Abu Dhabi coastal roads, and a traffic soldier was als... January 16, 2021 751 Category: Crime News
MPs Against Government’s Attempt To Impose Taxes On Citizens In support of the hard-line parliamentary stances that the government’s program does not include any sign of raising service fees or imposing taxes on citizens, the MPs formed a wall yesterday i... January 12, 2021 494 Category: Information
A Citizen Died As A Result Of His Car Fire A citizen died as a result of his car fire at the entrance to the Khiran area. In the details, a report received by the Ministry of the Interior stated that a car had been fired at the entrance to ... January 03, 2021 404 Category: Information
Two People Drowned In Front Of The Towers Coast guards recovered the body of a 47years old Kuwait citizen after his boat drowned opposite Kuwait towers on Saturday, his son was also accompanying him. Coast Guards and Marine fire & rescue ... December 26, 2020 655 Category: Information
Bill Suggests Write-off Of Interest On Citizen Loans The parliamentary Response to Amiri Speech Committee on Wednesday elected MP Saadoun Hammad as chairperson and MP Dr Saleh Zeiab Al Mutairi as rapporteur. In addition, MP Ahmed Muhammad Al-Hamad was e... December 23, 2020 437 Category: Information
Jail For Kuwaiti Citizen Annulled The Criminal Court of Appeals presided over by Judge Salah Al-Houti has ruled to annul the three-year imprisonment sentence issued against a Kuwaiti citizen. It instead refrained from pronouncing pena... December 12, 2020 329 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Citizen Sentenced To Death By Hanging The Court of Cassation rejected the appeal submitted by the Kuwaiti citizen “Abdulaziz. U” who was accused of killing the policeman Turki Al-Anzi by running into him at the Dasman roundabo... November 22, 2020 1487 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Citizen Arrested For Killing Man In Fraudulent Sale Of Hashish Personnel from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Salmiya Branch have arrested a Kuwaiti, born in 1997, for killing another person, reports Al-Anba daily. The daily added, the suspect was... November 10, 2020 562 Category: Crime News
The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Warns Citizens: Do Not Travel To Countries Affected By Corona For The Sake Of Tourism Diplomatic sources confirmed to "Al-Qabas" that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will issue a warning to citizens, asking them not to travel to some European countries, including Turkey, due ... November 07, 2020 2163 Category: Travel
Winter Vaccination Campaign Limited To Citizen Only The Ministry of Health informed that the winter vaccination campaign for the 2020-2021 season is currently limited to citizens only. The Ministry said that the preventive health centers designated ... October 18, 2020 486 Category: Information
Kuwaiti Citizen Acquitted In Charges Of Fraud The Court of Appeals upheld the verdict issued by a lower court which acquitted a Kuwaiti citizen of charges of embezzlement and fraud after he allegedly defrauded a Kuwaiti woman in an investment dea... October 05, 2020 474 Category: Crime News
Egyptian Citizen, KNG Officer Arrested For Trafficking In ‘poison Of Rape’ Drug Personnel from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) have arrested an unidentified Egyptian man and an officer working for the National Guard for trafficking in ‘gamma’ – the d... September 28, 2020 933 Category: Crime News
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