Citizen's Son Says Too Little, Too Late
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As reported by Al-Nahar, Riyadh Al-Baghli, the son of the missing citizen Muhammad Taher Al-Baghli, was surprised that his father's case had been added to the interpellation that Dr. Ahmad Al-Nasser had received against the Foreign Minister. It would have been better if we had worked with the MPs to get the right information. I have been looking for my father for six years, five months and three days, which is equal to 2,379 days, not fifteen years as was reported. My father's case is commendable, however we had hoped that Shuaib Al-Muwaizri would have mentioned it years ago, given that a lot has changed since Sheikh Ahmad Al-Nasser became the Minister of Foreign Affairs, who revolutionized the case. As soon as he met with Romanian officials, Sheikh Ahmad inquired about the fate of our father.

A special delegation was formed in September last year to review the investigations into my father's case, and as a result, stern action has been taken in this regard. It differed greatly from the last one in a number of ways. Dr. Ahmad Al-Nasser made sure to mention my father in Romania when he met with officials. By working with the Kuwaiti delegation that will arrive in Romania at the beginning of next March, the Assistant Foreign Minister for European Affairs was able to get the approval of the Romanian Foreign Minister to review the investigations, as previous delegations met with the Romanian security authorities and heard only about the investigations that had already taken place.

According to Baghli, bringing up the father issue now would be a mistake." The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with all its staff on international affairs, has been working as a delegacy with different specialties. 

In the past, as well as under the previous foreign minister, interest was strong, but now it is even stronger, especially after the request to view all past investigations. A number of things would be clearer as a result of the repeated investigation, and he hopes that the interest expands. According to Hajjaj Al-Ajmi, Sheikh Ahmad Al-Nasser has demonstrated humility in dealing with the Afghan file since taking over the portfolio of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.





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