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Kuwaiti Arrested For Robbing Expat According to a Kuwaiti newspaper, Kuwaiti police have arrested a citizen on suspension for impersonating police and robbing expatriates. Al Anba added that the suspect, an ex-convict, had a firearm... August 06, 2022 314 Category: Crime News
Joining ISIS Lands Kuwaiti In Prison For 5 Years Kuwait's Court of Appeals sentenced a citizen to five years in prison with hard labor for joining the Islamic State of Iran and Syria (ISIS), which aims to destroy the nation's basic systems a... July 24, 2022 219 Category: Crime News
A Kuwaiti Has Been Arrested For Smuggling Drugs A kilogram of chemical has been seized from China inside a personal belongings by an unidentified citizen, reported Al-Rai daily, according to director of Air Cargo Mutlaq Turki Al- Anzi. According to... July 19, 2022 222 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Commits Suicide According to Al-Rai daily, a thirty-year-old citizen commits suicide by threw himself from the roof of a building in Khaitan. Forensics has been notified about the victim's corpse.  ... July 05, 2022 368 Category: Crime News
A Kuwaiti Was Arrested For Lending His Passport To Bidoun According to a Kuwaiti newspaper, a Kuwaiti man has been arrested for loaning his passport to a stateless Bidoon for the purpose of helping him to seek political asylum. Al Anba cited a security so... June 19, 2022 246 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Die In Car Accident An accident at the intersection of Al-Qurain and Mubarak Al-Kabeer resulted in the death of a Kuwaiti. In an Arabic newspaper, firemen from the Al-Qurain Center responded to the accident, according... May 21, 2022 793 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Seeks Police Assistance Against Drunken Housemaid In Kuwait, a local newspaper reported that one of the man's housemaids is an alcoholic and poses a danger to his home and children. Al Rai report, when the cop arrived at the complainant's ... May 18, 2022 501 Category: Crime News
Five Years Behind Bars For Kuwaiti Plot To Blow Up Shrines According to local media reports, a Kuwaiti man committed terrorism and planned to blow up military bases and places of worship, joining Daesh (Isis) . He was sentenced to five years in prison for tha... May 14, 2022 229 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti FM Leads Delegation To Meet In Morocco Against Anti-IS Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Sabah led Kuwait's delegation to a ministerial conference of the global coalition to battle the so-called Islamic State (IS), also k... May 12, 2022 136 Category: Kuwait
Expat Arrested For Stealing Sand In Kuwait According to Kuwaiti media, Kuwaiti authorities arrested an expat suspected of illegally uploading sand with others. After appearing with other accomplices in a video uploading the sand in the Al W... May 07, 2022 286 Category: Crime News
Celebrity’s yacht seized with 700 liquor bottles At the Umm Al-Maradim customs facility, Kuwait Customs foiled an effort to sneak approximately 700 bottles of whiskey into a boat arriving from a Gulf nation. The yacht, according to local reports, be... May 07, 2022 338 Category: Kuwait
'Blasphemous' Tweets Convicted Kuwaiti Of Atheism Kuwaiti newspapers report that a Kuwaiti court sentenced a citizen to two months in prison for atheism. After he was charged with posting two tweets considered blasphemous, the Criminal Court also ... April 28, 2022 241 Category: Crime News
An Accident Kills A Kuwaiti And Injures His Brother An unidentified Kuwaiti died in an accident between a vehicle and a passenger bus on King Fahd Road on Wednesday evening, according to the Kuwait Fire Services Department's Public Relations and Me... April 28, 2022 125 Category: Kuwait
Iftar Line Up, Kuwaiti Generosity In Ramadhan During the Holy Month, Ramadhan has long represented an opportunity for individuals to improve their good actions, and assisting others who are less fortunate in breaking their fast is an honourable g... April 23, 2022 150 Category: Ramadan
Four Compatriots In Fahaheel Are Shot By A Citizen The Criminal Investigations Department has arrested and handed over to the Public Prosecution an unidentified Kuwaiti. A local Arabic daily reported that the man was arrested after firing a Kalashn... April 12, 2022 701 Category: Crime News
No Kuwaiti Is Listed In The 'Class Of Arab Billionaires' Forbes has issued its 36th World's Billionaires ranking for 2022, which includes the world's 2,668 wealthiest persons, down 87 from the previous year's position. This year, 236 people were... April 09, 2022 431 Category: Kuwait
Surgery By Kuwaiti Ophthalmologist Restores The Sight Of Palestinian Child As part of humanitarian effort, Kuwaiti ophthalmologist Dr. Khaled Al-Sabbti successfully performed emergency surgery in Kuwait on an Eleven-year-old Palestinian girl living in Jordanian refugee camps... April 04, 2022 179 Category: Kuwait
Kuwaiti Polygamists Are Described In Sharia Dr. Fahd Al-Dhaen, Director of the Ministry of Justice's Sharia Documentation Department, estimated a 16.5 percent increase in Kuwaiti marriages in 2021, with 11,363 couples marrying, an increase ... March 29, 2022 328 Category: Kuwait
A Kuwaiti Budget For 2022/2023 Will Create 22,526 New Jobs Adnan Sayed Abdel Samad, the head of the Budgets and Final Accounts Committee, said the committee convened to discuss the estimates in Chapter One "Workers' Compensation" and Directive 3... March 19, 2022 327 Category: Kuwait
A Kuwaiti Killed A Saudi After Thinking His Sister Was With Him A Kuwaiti was arrested for killing a Saudi in Al Jahra, Kuwait, after he thought his sister was in the car with him, local media reported. Under the wrong belief that his sister and the victim were... March 07, 2022 1105 Category: Crime News
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