Citizens And Expats Expressed Dissatisfaction Over The Crowded Parking At KIA
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A number of citizens and expatriates have expressed dissatisfaction over the crowded parking lots at Kuwait International Airport (KIA) as the situation has caused them much trouble. A citizen, who introduced himself as Bo Ali, disclosed he went to the airport to pick up his father but he spent 30 minutes searching for a parking space. He wondered why there are crowded parking lots while many others are vacant and fenced.

Another citizen, Mahmoud Al-Anzi, corroborated his compatriot’s observation, stressing that parking lots used to be crowded only during peak seasons but now it is happening every day. He claimed the concerned company seems to have ‘created’ this problem to force people to use parking spaces for more than one hour so they pay more. He revealed the charge for the first hour is 200 fils while the second hour is 400 fils.

Fathy Abdulrahman, an expatriate, is of the view that overcrowding at the airport’s parking lots may cause serious problems for passengers, citing his experience two years ago when he and his family missed their flight as they spent so much time searching for a parking space.


12 Feb, 2017 829
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