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Municipality Terminates The Services Of 142 Expatriates About 132 ex-pats employed by the Kuwait Municipality in a variety of departments will have their employment terminated, according to a decision made by the director-general, Eng Ahmed Al-Manfouhi. ... September 03, 2022 147 Category: Kuwait
More Than 30 Years Old, Expatriates Exceed The Population Of Kuwait Official figures show that the number of citizens between the ages of one and 29 is higher than the number of expatriates in that age range, whereas the number of expatriates rises in comparison to ci... August 29, 2022 557 Category: Expats
Expatriates And Citizens Have Been Seized With Weapons, Ammunition, And Shabu The General Administration of Narcotics Control (Local Control Department), which represents the criminal security sector, was successful in apprehending two people who were in possession of illegal f... August 25, 2022 105 Category: Kuwait
The Kuwait Municipality Plans To Replace All Expatriates With Kuwaitis The Kuwait Municipality issued an internal memo prohibiting the renewal of iqamas for expatriate personnel whose services have finished as part of their contracts or at consultant offices of all proje... August 22, 2022 1511 Category: Expats
Kuwait Deports 10,800 Expatriates A Kuwaiti media report revealed that in the first six months of the year, more than 10,800 expat workers were deported, an average of 63 a day. A senior security source reported that the majority o... June 25, 2022 1834 Category: Expats
This Year, 400 Expatriates Were Deported For Drug-related Crimes In the last five months of this year, from January to May, the General Administration of Narcotics Control deported roughly 400 expats from the nation for their involvement in drug-related incidents. ... June 02, 2022 148 Category: Kuwait
Expatriates Aged 60+ Have Declined By 8 Percent In 2021, the number of expatriates aged 60 and over declined by 8%. According to an Al-Anba study, the overall number of people has decreased by 6,533 to 74,900, down from 81,500 at the end of 2020... April 24, 2022 182 Category: Expats
Deportations In Kuwait Cost 2.1 Million Dinars In The Last Two-and-a-half Years According to the Ministry of Interior, 42,529 expatriates were deported from the nation between January 1, 2019, and July 11, 2021, costing the State Treasury 2.1 million dinars (the cost of their tri... April 14, 2022 298 Category: Kuwait
Expatriates And Citizens Injured In A Car Crash On Wednesday afternoon, a citizen and three Asian expatriates were hurt in a two-vehicle crash. The incident occurred on Fahaheel Road, which runs opposite Shuaiba Port and connects to Kuwait City. .... April 14, 2022 614 Category: Information
Numerous People Were Arrested For Violating Residency Laws The Tripartite Committee detained 35 persons in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh for breaking the residence law, as well as 11 expatriates. During a security operation in the Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh region, 35 persons ... April 05, 2022 676 Category: Crime News
Over The Past Three Years, 371,000 Expatriates Have Left The Labor Market According to the Central Administration of Statistics, the number of expatriates in Kuwait has decreased over the last three years, from around 2,891,255 in 2018 to 2,520,301 in 2021, implying that ar... March 15, 2022 368 Category: Expats
No more temporary extensions for expats above 60+ The Ministry of Interior's General Administration of Residency Affairs has banned providing residency to expatriates aged 60 and up with high school diplomas. These individuals must now renew thei... February 23, 2022 1221 Category: Expats
Money Transfers By Expats Increased By 8.5% During The First Nine Months Of 2021 According to preliminary figures from Kuwait's Central Bank for the first nine months of 2021, remittances from expatriates in Kuwait increased by 8.5 percent over the same period in 2020. Expa... February 16, 2022 216 Category: Kuwait
60+ Non Graduate Expats forced to pay Insurance and renewal fee twice A number of non-graduate expatriates aged 60 and up who are covered by Administrative Decision No. 34 of 2022, which allowed them to renew or transfer their work permits within the private sector for ... February 12, 2022 904 Category: Kuwait
Non-graduate 60-year-old Expatriates Say ‘Thank You, Kuwait Of Humanity’ As soon as the Minister of Justice, Minister of State for Integrity Enhancement, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Public Authority for Manpower, Counselor Jamal Al-Jalawi, announced his decis... January 25, 2022 873 Category: Expats
Expatriates Over 60 Years Of Age Face Termination From Companies A number of expatriates over 60 years of age without a degree are losing their jobs as companies forced to terminated them as the uncertainty on their residency status continues. According to Al-Ra... January 20, 2022 1494 Category: Expats
A Quarter Million Expatriates Left Kuwait Permanently In 2021 As efforts continued to modify the demographic structure and implement the Kuwaitization of government institutions, the labor market witnessed several changes during the past year, most notably 257,0... January 03, 2022 880 Category: Expats
18,221 Expatriates Deported In Year 2021 The Ministry of Interior deported 18,221 expatriates in the year 2021 from the country for various violations. This includes 11,177 men and 7044 women. The General Administration of Public Relat... January 01, 2022 334 Category: Expats
Kuwait Deports 22.4 Thousand Expatriates In 21 Months Kuwait has expelled 22,427 expatriates from the country over 21 months between January 1, 2020 and September 1, 2021. The Ministry of Interior disclosed this in response to a question from MP Mohalhal... December 20, 2021 306 Category: Expats
503 Expatriates Deported Last Week The Department of Public Relations and Security Media at the Ministry of Interior stated that the Department of Deportation and Temporary Detention Affairs deported 503 expatriates from Kuwait for var... December 14, 2021 360 Category: Expats
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