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A Quarter Million Expatriates Left Kuwait Permanently In 2021 As efforts continued to modify the demographic structure and implement the Kuwaitization of government institutions, the labor market witnessed several changes during the past year, most notably 257,0... January 03, 2022 708 Category: Expats
18,221 Expatriates Deported In Year 2021 The Ministry of Interior deported 18,221 expatriates in the year 2021 from the country for various violations. This includes 11,177 men and 7044 women. The General Administration of Public Relat... January 01, 2022 228 Category: Expats
Kuwait Deports 22.4 Thousand Expatriates In 21 Months Kuwait has expelled 22,427 expatriates from the country over 21 months between January 1, 2020 and September 1, 2021. The Ministry of Interior disclosed this in response to a question from MP Mohalhal... December 20, 2021 211 Category: Expats
503 Expatriates Deported Last Week The Department of Public Relations and Security Media at the Ministry of Interior stated that the Department of Deportation and Temporary Detention Affairs deported 503 expatriates from Kuwait for var... December 14, 2021 283 Category: Expats
1.4 Million Passengers Used Kuwait Airport After It Opens For Expatriates Return 1.396 million passengers travelled through Kuwait International Airport after it opened for the return of expatriates on August 1st this year. 42 air operators operated a total of 11,113 flights after... November 03, 2021 381 Category: Expats
Decision On 60+ Expatriates Within A Week The Minister of Commerce and Industry, Dr Abdullah Al-Salman, reviewed the files regarding the ban on renewing work permits for expatriates above 60 years of age without a University degree with His H... September 28, 2021 1318 Category: Expats
Expatriates Will Continue To Dominate Private Sector Employment The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) of the British Economist magazine stated that the reluctance of Kuwaiti citizens to participate in the labor force is a problem that outweighs the problem of unem... September 20, 2021 2639 Category: Expats
Stranded Expatriates Start Arriving In Kuwait Kuwait International Airport today received a number of expatriates who were stranded abroad for more than a year or more. The first flight with expatriates passengers arrived at Kuwait international ... August 01, 2021 3218 Category: Expats
Expatriates Return To Country; Detailed Procedure Expected Soon The detailed procedure on the entry mechanism for residents who have received two doses of approved vaccines in the country starting from August 1 will be finalized within days, sources said. The a... July 07, 2021 3752 Category: Expats
MP Propose Drug Test Before Residency Renewal Of Expatriates Parliamentarian Muhannad Al-Sayer submitted a proposal to the Ministries of Health, Interior and Justice to stipulate a drug test upon the marriage, employment of citizens and upon renewal of the resi... July 03, 2021 1487 Category: Kuwait
No Spending 14 Days In A Third Country For Returning Expatriates The vaccinated residents returning from the first of next August from the prohibited countries will not spend 14 days in a transit country, Al Qabas reported. Vaccinated residents with approved vac... June 22, 2021 5307 Category: Kuwait
“Kuwaiti Cries” Launched To Urge Government To Allow All Expatriates To Travel And Return Back Kuwaiti Cries, launched by a number of jurists and activists, to defend the right of expatriates who have valid residencies and have received vaccinations against the “Corona” virus, to tr... June 16, 2021 6596 Category: Kuwait
14.5% Increase In Remittance By Expatriates Last Year As the Corona pandemic made a sharp decline in spending in the year 2020, the statistics by Central Bank of Kuwait shows an increase in remittances made by expatriates in Kuwait during the year 2020. ... June 15, 2021 343 Category: Kuwait
Expatriates Abandon Hopes Of Visiting Home This Summer Summer and the travel season are here, but expatriates in Kuwait are reluctant to travel out of the country for fear of being denied entry on return. Most of them, who have not seen their loved ones b... June 12, 2021 2324 Category: Kuwait
Number Of Critical Cases Higher Among Expatriates And Those Not Vaccinated The head of the Supreme Advisory Committee for Corona, Dr. Khaled Al-Jarallah revealed that the rate of hospitalization and number is critical cases is higher among expatriates and people who are not ... April 17, 2021 2803 Category: Kuwait
134,000 Expatriates Left Kuwait In 2020, 52% Of Them Were Indians The population of Kuwait decreased during 2020 by 105,694 people. The total population of Kuwait decreased by 2.2 percent, reaching 4, 670,000 thousand people at the end of the year 2020, Compared to ... February 21, 2021 3053 Category: Kuwait
363 Expatriates Leave The Labor Market Every Day The numbers of expatriate workers who left the labor market increased again, as 10,880 expatriates had their work permits cancelled during the period from January 12 to February 10, according to the f... February 11, 2021 420 Category: Kuwait
More Than 270 Thousand Expatriates Left The Sultanate Of Oman This Year Data from the National Center for Statistics and Information in the Sultanate of Oman showed that the number of migrant workers decreased by more than 270,000, or about 16%, from the end of 2019 to No... December 28, 2020 281 Category: Information
Iraqi Held For Robbing Expatriates The Hawalli police have arrested an Iraqi who specialized in robbing expatriates (passersby) in the Al-Salmiya area, and found in his possession narcotic substances and stolen vehicle keys. He has bee... December 21, 2020 390 Category: Crime News
Expatriate Remittances Drop By 22 Percent Remittances by expatriates in Kuwait to their countries decreased by 21.96 percent during the second quarter of this year, compared to the first quarter, from KD1.35 to KD1.056 billion dinars, while d... December 10, 2020 464 Category: Expats
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