Asian Expat Was Arrested For Violating The Residency Law And Possessing Liquor
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An Asian expatriate was arrested for violating the residency law and possessing two bottles of locally manufactured liquor. According to security sources, Ahmadi securitymen were patrolling Mahboula area when they noticed a man walking in the area and carrying a black plastic bag. They approached him and asked him for his civil ID but he dumped his bag and began to run. Securitymen chased him and eventually caught him. They checked the bag to find two liquor bottles. They checked his details and discovered he is an Asian expatriate who was in violation of the residency law. When questioned, he revealed that he bought the liquor from a compatriot and was heading to his friends’ place to drink the liquor. He was referred with the liquor bottles to the concerned authorities for necessary legal action. Ahmadi securitymen also arrested a drunken Asian expatriate in Abu Halifa area.


07 Dec, 2017 568
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