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Authorities Must Reissue Mobile Vehicle Licenses Before deciding to re-issue the licenses after the Kuwait Municipality revealed the areas where the cars will be allowed to park to carry out their activities, government officials will meet to addres... April 12, 2022 178 Category: Information
Authorities Confiscated 11 Cars And 4 Mobile Grocery Stores The Municipality's Public Relations Department said that the Jahra municipality branch's General Cleanliness and Road Works Department performed field tours in the Taima and Saad Al-Abdullah a... April 11, 2022 191 Category: Information
Hospitals Are Full; Authorities Warns Dangerous Situation As the increase in number of Covid infection in the country is leading to increase in hospital occupancies, high-ranking government sources warned that the epidemiological situation in the country has... July 06, 2021 2136 Category: Kuwait
Authorities Warn People To Be Caution On Unstable Weather The Ministry of Interior today warned the citizen and residents to exercise caution as the Meteorology department had warned of severe dust storm in the country. MoI, further informed everyone to c... March 12, 2021 673 Category: Weather in Kuwait
WhatsApp Driving Violations To Authorities For Action 20,880 violations for reckless driving and 29,062 violations for using a mobile phone while driving were registered in the last year despite the reduction in road users due to long period of lockdown ... March 02, 2021 452 Category: Kuwait
Five Years On MPW Tells Authorities To Provide Budget Or Scrap Project The Ministry of Public Works recently approached the ministries of Finance and Higher Education to provide budget for the Institute of Music Studies and Dramatic Arts project, or asked for scrapping o... February 17, 2021 358 Category: Business
Authorities Ban Barbecues Inside Green Island The Touristic Enterprises Company, which manages the Green island, announced that it had issued a decision banning barbecues inside the Green Island facility. The company said that the decision, wh... December 18, 2020 444 Category: Kuwait
190,000 Expatriates Enter Kuwait In 2 Months Regardless Of Authorities Efforts To Appropriate Demographic Imbalance A minimum of 190,000 expatriates have entered Kuwait previously two months regardless of authorities guarantees to stem the move of overseas staff and redress inhabitants coverage within the nation. ... November 12, 2020 1660 Category: Expats
Health Authorities Warn Return Of Partial Curfew Is Possible With 8 deaths within two days and cases increasing to 125 in ICU from 90 cases, health sources have sounded alarm on failure by many groups of society who do not adhere to health precautions and ... September 29, 2020 2237 Category: Lockdown
Health Authorities Oppose Shortening Of Quarantine Period While everyone has been waiting in anticipation of a decision by health authorities regarding the reduction of mandatory quarantine period and reviewing list of banned 34 countries, sources revealed t... September 27, 2020 1114 Category: Health
Security Authorities Looking For Those Involved In Bye-election, Says Ministry The Directorate General of Public Relations and Security Media Department of the Interior Ministry stated the security authorities are looking for those involved in bye-elections or the so-called prim... September 21, 2020 330 Category: Information
Health Authorities Urge Penalties For Failing To Comply With Health Measures The health authorities will send a report including a list of recommendations to the Council of Ministers today with regard to the steady increase in the number of coronavirus infections in the countr... September 10, 2020 767 Category: Health
Authorities Divided Over Plan To Impose Lockdown In Chalets & Farms During Eid The Council of Ministers during its weekly meeting will look into what it described as a ‘difference of opinion’ within the government ranks about imposing lockdown on the chalets and farm... July 14, 2020 1813 Category: Lockdown
Kuwait Handed Over 19 Iranian Prisoners To The Iranian Authorities Kuwait, Friday evening, handed over 19 Iranian prisoners to the Iranian authorities to complete their sentence in Tehran, reports Al-Rai daily. Informed sources told the daily the extradition of th... February 02, 2020 277 Category: Crime News
Refer All Suspicions, Irregularities About Club To Relevant Authorities In a quick response to His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled’s call for citizens to participate in the fight against corruption, the outgoing treasurer of Al-Jahra Walid Al-Sala... December 26, 2019 295 Category: Kuwait
Security Authorities To Investigate Israeli Diplomatic sources affirmed that security authorities will investigate a video circulated on the Israeli Foreign Ministry page “Israel in Arabic” about a person taking photos of Kuwait Tow... December 16, 2019 400 Category: Kuwait
Escaped Prisoner Surrenders To Authorities The Central Prison inmate who had escaped from the bus transporting him back to the prison after being treated at the Farwaniya Hospital is said to have surrendered to the authorities, reports Al- Rai... December 08, 2019 338 Category: Crime News
160,000 Kuwaitis In The Private Sector To Replace Expats The concerned governmental authorities, in cooperation with foreign and internal scholarship authorities, are preparing a mechanism for the recruitment of 160,000 Kuwaitis in the private sector to rep... June 04, 2019 2745 Category: Kuwait
The Quantities Of Drugs And Liquor Seized In 2018 Raises Authorities Concern The quantities of drugs and liquor seized in Kuwait during 2018 have seen an unprecedented rise which is a cause for concern for the concerned authorities, reports Al-Qabas daily. An informed sourc... April 23, 2019 371 Category: Crime News
New System Will Enable Authorities To Verify Workers Suspicious Documents The Civil Service Commission (CSC) has requested all government agencies to check the newly-established Ministry of Higher Education website to ensure the authenticity of educational certificates of e... March 31, 2019 486 Category: Kuwait
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