A Wave Of Parliamentary Anger As The Government Considers Curfew
Category: Coronavirus
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The government confusion in dealing with the emerging Coronavirus pandemic sparked a wave of parliamentary anger, amid sharp criticism of the move imposing a partial curfew, Al-Rai reported.

MP Badr Al-Humaidhi told the daily that many countries have implemented strict measures to deal with the pandemic. Health violators are charged with fines. Al-Humidhi said in a statement that he does not support curfew as it affects everyone financially and most businesses are already suffering losses. Instead, he suggested that the Government should implement strict measures, take all necessary precautions, carry out sterilization programs, prevent public gatherings, and increase awareness.

Al-Humaidhi was surprised with the decision of Institutional quarantine for citizens he said, “In general, I am against this decision, as it is possible to quarantine at home with full compliance of health instructions. MP Sahil Al-Mudhaf told the daily that the best way to deal with the pandemic is to implement strict health measures. He pointed out that curfew is not the logical solution.

MP Osama Al-Shaheen questioned the decision to implement institutional quarantine for those coming to Kuwait. He asked if institutional quarantine was an important health decision or it was because of the demand of Hotel associations.

He added, “I asked another question about the reasons for excluding foreign diplomats working in Kuwait, while the Kuwaiti diplomat returning to Kuwait does not enjoy the same advantage and does not enjoy an exception.”

MP Abdullah Al-Tariji considered that the ban is collective punishment on individuals, institutions, and owners of small and medium enterprises, calling for tightening measures to limit the spread of the pandemic.



22 Feb, 2021 2262
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