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There Is No Money To Buy Workers' Leave; The Government Faces A Severe Deficit According to informed sources, government organizations, particularly the larger ones, are experiencing a financial shortfall in giving funds to purchase the remaining leave days of their employees wh... June 06, 2022 460 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait's Government Says Its Strategic Wheat Stockpile Is Reassuring The Government Communications Center stated that the supply of wheat to Kuwait remains unaffected and has nothing to do with the present political unrest across the world. According to a local... May 19, 2022 163 Category: Kuwait
Government Resigns To Handle Urgent Matters Until Summer Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-government Khaled's resignation was accepted on April 5 and is likely to be officially announced today. According to a local Arabic newspaper, the resigned govern... May 09, 2022 99 Category: Kuwait
Taking Tough Action Against E-blackmail Of Government Officials By The Ministry State employees' status as public officials will be protected by the Ministry of Information which will monitor any cases of electronic blackmail directed at public officials and take all legal me... May 01, 2022 102 Category: Kuwait
Government Of Kuwait Sets Aside KD 2.1 Billion For South Saad Al-Abdullah Abdulwahab Al-Rasheed, Minister of Finance and Minister of State for Economic and Investment Affairs said on Tuesday that the government has approved the funding of South Saad Al-Abdullah Town and the... April 27, 2022 162 Category: Kuwait
2.9 Percent Interest On Government Deposits Doubled By Banks One of the Kuwait Ports Authority's deposits in one of the banks has recently been renewed for one year and worth 80 million dinars, as the banks increased the pace of their competition for dinar ... April 18, 2022 97 Category: Business
Subsidies For Construction Materials May Be Increased The Council of Ministers is considering allocating a budget of 12 million dinars to increase support for construction materials in order to reduce the high cost of this commodity, provided that the su... April 14, 2022 156 Category: Information
The Government Owes Communications 21 Million Dinars Since the start of a campaign to collect dues, the Ministry of Communications has collected nearly 9.3 million dinars from businesses, institutions, and people. According to a ministry source, a pe... April 12, 2022 136 Category: Kuwait
As Kuwait Returns To A Normal Life, Employment Reveals Its True Face The recent government decisions regarding a complete return to normalcy prior to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the severe shortage of expatriate workers that the Kuwaiti labor mark... April 10, 2022 703 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Crown Prince receives resignation letter from Prime Minister Kuwait's government resigned on Tuesday, according to state news agency KUNA, ahead of a no-confidence vote in parliament against the prime minister. Crown Prince Sheikh Meshal al-Ahmad al-Sabah ... April 05, 2022 316 Category: Kuwait
Government Of Kuwait Resigns Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled, the prime minister, received the resignations from the ministers today. The Prime Minister is expected to submit the resignation of the government tomorrow, according to a loca... April 04, 2022 1071 Category: Kuwait
Property Owners In Jleeb Al-Shyoukh Claim Discrimination The government's prejudice and neglect of the Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh region have resulted in decaying structures, broken infrastructure, and substandard public services, according to real estate and in... April 03, 2022 370 Category: Kuwait
Minister Says Government Provides Unlimited Support For Cultural Movements Dr. Hamad Rouh Al-Din, Minister of Information and Culture and Chairman of the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters, said that activating the role of cultural institutions stems from the wis... March 29, 2022 116 Category: Kuwait
Requests That Some Government Duties Be Transferred To Another Agency Saud Al-Ajmi, a member of the Municipality's audit team associated with the Audit Bureau, has requested data on the Municipality's procedures for transferring various responsibilities to other... March 28, 2022 112 Category: Kuwait
Thousands Of Expats Have Left The Local Market According to the latest statistics from the Central Administration of Statistics (CAS), the number of expatriates in the country has decreased from around 2,891,255 in 2018 to 2,520,301 in 2021, imply... March 20, 2022 608 Category: Expats
A Government Program To Limit The Russian-Ukrainian War's Effects As part of the government's efforts to minimize the impacts of the Russian-Ukrainian war, there is a trend to stabilize the costs of energy subsidies. According to a local Arabic daily, the com... March 16, 2022 187 Category: Information
There's Good News For Kuwaiti Retirees The National Assembly promised Tuesday that financial awards for retirees would be approved no later than next Thursday. A government vision is to distribute 3,000 dinars to each retiree, according... March 15, 2022 535 Category: Kuwait
Government Cancels PCR Requirements For Unvaccinated Students The Council of Ministers has voted to remove the necessity for non-vaccinated teachers and children under the age of 16 to have a PCR negative certificate.  Currently, non-vaccinated teachers ... March 15, 2022 273 Category: Coronavirus
Rent Values For Government Properties Leased Are Regulated The Ministry of Communications has issued an order regulating the rents of leased areas inside and outside ministry buildings, as well as unoccupied spaces. The ruling prohibits the tenant from sublet... March 13, 2022 140 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Returns To Normal With 100% Attendance At Government Offices Starting on Sunday, the Civil Service Bureau announced the resumption of the official working system in all government agencies. "With the return to work, all cases of exemption from work will... March 12, 2022 230 Category: Kuwait
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