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“Kuwaiti Cries” Launched To Urge Government To Allow All Expatriates To Travel And Return Back Kuwaiti Cries, launched by a number of jurists and activists, to defend the right of expatriates who have valid residencies and have received vaccinations against the “Corona” virus, to tr... June 16, 2021 5532 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Rethinks Exemptions From Work Kuwait is set to reconsider rules for exemptions from work that have been in effect for more than a year as part of restrictions prompted by COVID-19, according to a local report. The exemptions ar... June 12, 2021 912 Category: Kuwait
Govt Seems Clueless On What To Do OUR country seems to be the only one in the region that is facing some hard problems for which there seems to be no solutions other than leaving them to time. This is the pattern that Kuwait has been ... May 08, 2021 491 Category: Kuwait
Government Agencies’ Expenses To Confront Coronavirus Rose To KD 796.6 Million The total expenditures of government agencies to confront the Coronavirus crisis amounted to KD 796.6 million, of which KD5 54.5 million were pledges, and KD 242.1 million was drawn from the authoriti... April 25, 2021 236 Category: Coronavirus
Council Of Ministers Approves Governance Guidelines To Supervise Development Projects The Council of Ministers instructed the ministers and those in charge of implementing development projects in the country to introduce the governance system to these development projects, by obliging ... April 21, 2021 171 Category: Kuwait
Government Warns - Corona Cases May Break 2000 Cases A Day The number of Coronavirus cases in the country will not decrease in the short term, rather, the infection curve is expected to continue to rise and reach the 2000 daily mark, informed government sourc... March 06, 2021 999 Category: Kuwait
SME Renewed Their Demand From The Government The owners of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) renewed their demand from the government to expedite the reopening of their businesses, stressing that they had suffered heavy losses due to the closu... March 04, 2021 495 Category: Kuwait
Government Asks For KD 5 Billion Annually From Future Generations Reserve Fund The government referred to the National Assembly a legal draft stipulating that it is permissible to withdraw an amount from Kuwait’s Reserve Fund for Future Generations that does not exceed fiv... February 22, 2021 249 Category: Kuwait
Minister Says Curfew Is Under Consideration By The Government Today Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Anas Al-Saleh took part in a discussion on a social media app on ‘Government files stuck in the Coronavirus crisis’, Al Qaba... February 22, 2021 1983 Category: Kuwait
A Wave Of Parliamentary Anger As The Government Considers Curfew The government confusion in dealing with the emerging Coronavirus pandemic sparked a wave of parliamentary anger, amid sharp criticism of the move imposing a partial curfew, Al-Rai reported. MP Bad... February 22, 2021 2362 Category: Coronavirus
SMEs Appeal To The Government To Provide Support During a press conference, the representative of food suppliers in the small and medium-sized enterprises sector, Salah Bouhasan, called on the Government to initiate the formation of an emergency com... February 14, 2021 196 Category: Kuwait
The Government Is Considering Paying Rents And Salaries For Suspended Activities The government began drawing scenarios to compensate business owners affected by the recent decisions to close some economic activities, coinciding with the committee for improving the parliamentary b... February 09, 2021 939 Category: Kuwait
"Parliamentary" Dissatisfaction With The Government's Actions: Owners Of Small And Medium Enterprises Have Been Affected A number of National Assembly representatives interacted with the decisions taken by the Council of Ministers, yesterday, Wednesday, regarding commercial activities, restaurants and salons, and warned... February 04, 2021 1173 Category: Kuwait
Temporary Government Work Contracts To Be Limited To One Year A temporary government work contract limited to one year will be handed to contractors seeking expat workers for emergency government projects, which will be automatically cancelled after one year fro... January 25, 2021 292 Category: Kuwait
Amiri ‘nod’ To Government Resignation … No Sessions His Highness the Amir Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah accepted Monday resignation of His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah and his government. His Highness the ... January 18, 2021 277 Category: Kuwait
Yet Another Government Falls… Democracy brings many advantages, but it also has its share of shortcomings. The downsides of democracy are often largely due to people distorting its precepts; they pick and choose aspects of democra... January 16, 2021 574 Category: Information
New Government In March Less than 24 hours after the ministers placed their resignations at his disposal, the Prime Minister, His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled, raised to His Highness the Amir, yesterday morning, the gover... January 14, 2021 902 Category: Kuwait
Govt Intensifies Efforts To Tackle Corruption Cases Government agencies have begun procedures for the second batch of trainers tasked to develop the skills of national manpower in these institutions to promote integrity and transparency, follow up corr... January 13, 2021 153 Category: Legal
Why Kuwait Government Resigned Less Than A Month After Formation The motion, submitted by MPs Badr Al Dhahoum, Thamer Al Dhafiri and Khaled Al Otaibi, received the support of about 34 deputies. This means that at least 37 MPs out of 50 supported questioning the pri... January 13, 2021 434 Category: Kuwait
Government Resignation To Possible Happen Before The Council Of Ministers On Sunday The government had not submitted its resignation so far since there were reports that it would do so, but there is a tendency to hold a Council of Ministers meeting on Sunday, instead of the usual dat... January 09, 2021 592 Category: Information