25 Thousand Passengers At The Airport During National Holidays
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The Kuwait International Airport was once again busy as passengers returned home from vacations in other countries, particularly the most popular Arab and European capitals.

According to a local Arabic daily, "the agencies operating at the airport resumed their attempts to control the passage of passengers' departure and arriving passengers marking the commencement of official government beginning today, Sunday."

Around 140 inbound flights from European and Arab capitals landed at Kuwait International Airport during the same period, according to the daily, including 16 flights from Dubai, 14 from Istanbul, 13 from Cairo, 5 from Riyadh, and the same from Jeddah and Doha, as well as 3 flights from Muscat and two from London.

The pressure of returning passengers was accompanied by a traffic gridlock in front of the T1 building's arrivals entrance, which the traffic police dealt with quickly by regulating traffic and facilitating passenger passage.

06 Mar, 2022 165
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