What Not To Do For New Year In Kuwait
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What not to do for new year in Kuwait

1. Don't go to any parties or events organized by private people at flats, camps, chalets and villas

2. No drinks, No drugs

3. If you are attending any events in hotels or restaurants, check whether they have official permission or not.

4. 90,000 expected to spend New Year abroad – Let’s celebrate in Kuwait by obeying Kuwait laws


Message from Ministry of Interior

Ministry of Interior has formed security task force teams to arrest whoever organizes New Year parties in some camping sites, farms, livestock pens and apartments. Anybody caught in the act will be deported immediately, and whoever is found polluting the environment will face legal action. A source said the security apparatus have laid down comprehensive plans to clamp down on negative phenomena normally associated with the New Year festivity inside shopping malls, roads and restaurants. He declared that officers will not spare any suspicious locations, and culprits will face the judiciary. Assistant Undersecretary for Public Security Major General Abdul-Fattah Al-Ali disclosed that 777 patrol teams will be on duty patrolling all roads in Kuwait to assist the environmental police in arresting violators of environment law. He reiterated any expatriate who violates the environment law could face deportation.


Wish you a very Happy New Year

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