Dubai Creates Artificial Rains Using Drones To Beat Extreme Heat

23 July 2021 General

That’s one way to beat the heat!

Scientists in United Arab Emirates (UAE) are using new drone technology to zap clouds with electricity, in an attempt to bring increased rainfall to the desert country. 

The rainmaking technology, known as “cloud seeding,” was put into use as summer temperatures have surged past 48 degrees Celsius (120 degrees Fahrenheit) in Dubai, The Independent reported. 

According to the report, the cloud seeding method employed in Dubai relies on drone technology. The drones release an electrical charge into clouds, prompting them to coalesce and create rain.   

On Sunday UAE’s National Centre of Meteorology released video footage of heavy downpours, which showed the technology had proved a success.

The centre said the precipitation was enhanced by a technique known as cloud seeding.

Rainmaking technologies has become common in dry countries such as the UAE. The operation, which uses electrical charges to prompt rainfall, speaks to the growing interest globally as an avenue for potentially mitigating drought.

“Cloud seeding could be one of the methods that can contribute to alleviating the water problem.”  

In an effort to curb the country’s sinking water table, the UAE invested $15 million in nine different rain-making projects in 2017.



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