Mother Of Groom Finds Out Son’s Bride Is Actually Her Long-Lost Daughter On Wedding Day
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A woman found her long-lost daughter at her son's wedding in China's Jiangsu province. What was the daughter doing at the wedding? Well, she was getting married to the woman's son! So, would that make him her brother? Let's find out.

According to several media reports, the mother-in-law noticed a birthmark on her new daughter-in-law's hand which was the same as the one on her lost daughter's hand. 

Once she spotted the birthmark, the woman approached the bride's parents and asked if she had been adopted over two decades ago. The bride's family was shocked to be approached with this inquiry as this was a secret. However, they revealed to the woman that their daughter was found by them as a baby on the side of the road several years ago. They had taken her in and raised her as their own. 

Overwhelmed with this shocking information, the bride burst into tears and wanted to know more about her biological parents. She said that meeting her biological mother was "happier than the wedding day itself'.

Now, did the wedding still happen and turn into an episode from Game Of Thrones? Well, not quite. 

mother daughter

Due to the fact that the bride can't marry her own brother, there was a lot of chaos. However, the mother-in-law revealed that there would be no objection to their marriage as the groom was also adopted and the two of them weren't related by blood. 

mother daughter

The woman revealed that she had adopted a boy after losing all hopes of finder her missing daughter in spite of looking for her for years. 

The bride/daughter was relieved to know this and the couple went ahead with their wedding rituals. 



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